Tough Mudder Whistler

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This is the 7th season Tough Mudder will be hosting a course in Whistler. This is a 16 km race with over 20 obstacles. Push yourself to your limits and cross the finish line with your team!

June In Whistler


Once June comes along, the transition from spring to summer is complete. The temperatures are hovering in the high teens, the sun shines more often than not, and the days are at their longest point of the year. But that’s not all the June brings to the mountains. This special month is filled with unique […]

Tough Mudder Whistler


If you haven’t heard of Tough Mudder, you’re in for a real awakening. Tough Mudder is an obstacle course in the mountains that’s designed to drag participants outside of their comfort zones. It takes place over 16 km and features 20 ingenious and challenging obstacles. The course obstacles are designed to be team-oriented. This eliminates the […]

8 Reasons to Check Out Tough Mudder in Whistler

Whistler’s Tough Mudder is only days away (June 21 and 22, 2014), and the excitement is starting to build. Banners are already strung throughout Whistler Village welcoming Tough Mudders into town, and athletes are putting in their final training days in before tapering off in preparation for the big event. If you’re new to the […]