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Tough Mudder Whistler


If you haven’t heard of Tough Mudder, you’re in for a real awakening. Tough Mudder is an obstacle course in the mountains that’s designed to drag participants outside of their comfort zones. It takes place over 16 km and features 20 ingenious and challenging obstacles. The course obstacles are designed to be team-oriented. This eliminates the “everyman for himself mentality’ and encourages teamwork. With no podiums, winners, or clocks to race against, Tough Mudder isn’t about speed, it’s about even getting to the finish line. Sound like a challenge? You bet! Here’s everything you need to know about Tough Mudder Whistler. 

The Course

Set in the Callaghan Valley, Tough Mudder Whistler features a lot (and we mean a lot!) of mud, ice, and water. Participants are not only challenged by the conditions but also a certain number of obstacles that are featured in each course.  What’s more, this edition of Tough Mudder has been going on for seven seasons and is known for its leg-burning steepness.


An obstacle course just isn’t an obstacle course without features that make you shake in your runners and push you close to the edge. At Tough Mudder, careful attention has gone into creating challenging hurdles that make even the toughest challengers think twice. Here is a glimpse into what you might find during this race:


This year Tough Mudder introduced the new Legionnaire-exclusive finisher obstacle: Kong. It’s 30 feet up in the air- don’t look down! The website suggests keeping your sights set on the next ring and to just keep swinging!


Starting with a barbed wire low crawl, this obstacle is anything but easy as participants have to drag their muddy bodies up a culvert pipe, and then complete a drop into the cold water below.


This infamous obstacle is back! It features 10,000 volts of electricity. If this sounds like a deal breaker for you, it’s an optional obstacle in 2018. So skip it and still get the Tough Mudder headband!


Not interested in taking part in triumphing the course? That’s okay! Come to watch what unfolds in the action-packed Mudder Village base area and cheer on your buddies as they find out what they’re made of!

The After Party

Taking on the Tough Mudder Whistler course is only half the fun. The other part is the after party. Either go on a bar hop or head over to one of the local establishments. You really can’t go wrong as the village comes alive with participants celebrating their victories!

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