Why Spring Time In Whistler is the Best!

Hey you, yes you. We at Whistler Reservations have a secret that we're about to let you in on. You see, when many think of booking their winter vacation, they gravitate towards booking in January and February. It's easy to see why, these months are the epitome of winter. But many don't know that March & April in Whistler are equally, if not more fun! March brings warmer temperatures and precipitation. April brings even more Sunshine and patio season is in full swing. On the mountain, this equals snow and lots of it! March is traditionally one of the snowiest months of the ski season. In case you need more convincing as to why March & April in Whistler is the best, read on.

Average Snowfall

Don't be fooled by the increasing temperatures, the average snowfall in Whistler during March is 2.4 metres (10-year average). This is higher than the averages for December, January and February. So be sure to grab and pack your snorkel, for both the pool and the slopes!

Patio Après

Gone are the days of huddling around a fire pit on a patio for warmth. After you've skied until your heart is content, stroll the village and pick a patio, any patio. Sample local beers or try some of our local delicacies. All the while, basking in the glorious Spring sunshine... maybe even in your t-shirt.


Did we already allude to the sunshine? Spring is creeping in and that means warmer weather. Please don't let this fool you. We can attest, that the weather is still ideal for winter sports, just a bit gentler on the fingers, toes, and nose. Another bonus: Bluebird Powder Days! It's not unusual to wake up to fresh snow, blue skies, and the sun beaming in through your window, beckoning you to get up, gear up, and load up the hill!

Daylight Savings

Spring ahead in March and into Daylight Savings. The clocks have gone forward, making the daylight extend further into the evening. Consequently, the lifts stay open a little longer, and that's all the more reason to stay the entire day on the mountain. As of now, the mountain closes at 4:00 pm, an extension of 30 minutes until closing day on May 20th.

Great Accommodation Rates

As we mentioned, many people book their holidays for January and February. This leaves less demand for March and April and as a result, accommodation rates are super good value! But, the best rates won't last long. So don't walk, SKI to your winter vacation this Spring by visiting Whistler Reservations now!