It’s Okay To Start Your Winter Countdown Now


Summer’s great but once the leaves begin to fall there’s only one thing on our mind: winter! The thought of skiing fresh powder and après to boot has us losing sleep. Focusing on day to day life is near impossible when strapping into our ski boots and setting an alarm for the first chair lies just upon the horizon. But voicing this in the fall could have some thinking we’re a tad on the obsessed side. We’d beg to differ and think now is the perfect time to start the countdown to winter!

Snow Line

No one knows the seasons better than Mother Nature. And she says that winter is coming sooner than we all think. If you need confirmation of its impending arrival, just look up to the mountains and check out the creeping snow line. Watching it slowly move down from the peaks is a constant reminder that soon we’ll be able to ski those same slopes!


Catching sight of a furry local is a familiar sight in the warmer months. Once the temperatures begin to drop, the bears begin fattening up for hibernation. As the last autumn leaves fall, they head into their dens and retire until spring. Their absence around the valley lets us know that before long, the ground will be covered in snow. 


Another hint that winter and above all, snow is well on its way, is waking up to frost. Perhaps your first thought might be an irritation towards having to scrap your car off, but just remember, this means the temperatures are creeping towards zero, thus, creating optimum conditions for snowfall!

Turkey Sale

The annual Turkey Sale is a village-wide sale that sees incredible deals on winter gear. Skis, boots, outerwear-it’s all on sale and in every store. In Whistler, this event also signifies the start of ski season. It becomes perfectly acceptable to pull out all your gear, begin tuning it, and to start getting excited for all the upcoming powder days!

Accommodation Deals

Another great reminder to rejoice in the arrival of winter is the accommodation deals. Before the snow actually falls, some of the greatest savings of the season can be found. Booking your winter vacation now not only saves you money, but it also makes it okay to commence daydreaming about all the snow you’re going to be able to play in. What’s more, you’ll be able to start your own countdown to the start of your winter holiday!

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