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What To Expect On A Bear Viewing Tour

Lion and tigers aren't found in Whistler but bears are! And there are plenty of them. Over 60 to be exact. The bears that inhabit Whistler have been studied for over two decades and viewing them is available to the public through one of our many viewing tours. A viewing tour includes a comfortable ride in a 4x4 vehicle while traveling through the pristine wilderness in the Callaghan Valley. So while you're hunting for your safari hat, here's what else to expect on a bear viewing touring. 

What time of year is best?

The bears in Whistler rely heavily on the Mother Nature's seasonal changes. This means that the weather and temperature dictate their behaviors. This is not uncommon for much of Whistler's wildlife.

In spring, you will see bears that have only recently emerged from their dens. Sows with cubs in tow will be plenty and often, the bears will be driven eat, eat, and eat some more! During spring, viewing bears is easy. They are low in the valley and quite active. 

Summer is also a busy time with the start of mating season and berries beginning to ripen. This means you might see some activity that may surprise you. Bears have been known to turn over rocks, interact with other bears, and scrounge for higher-protein meals such as ants!

Fall sees the bears working hard to fatten up for winter. During this time of the year, experienced guides will take you to all the known hot spots for foraging.

A mother and her cubs see on a spring bear viewing tour in the Callaghan Valley.

What will we see?

In addition to seeing bears in their natural habit, you will be taken through the Callaghan Valley. This area is surrounded by a ringwall of five spectacular mountains, that offer beautiful views in every direction. It is also home to the 2010 Winter Olympics' Whistler Olympic Park. Nostalgic signage and buildings that were part of the games can be seen throughout the valley. Additionally, a 3 metre/141foot waterfall called Alexander Falls is set in the Callaghan Valley. It's just one of Whistler's many waterfalls as well as a usual stop on the viewing tour. 

The magnificent Alexander Falls, another highlight of a Callaghan Bear Viewing Tour.

What to pack?

A bear viewing tour will have you comfortably settled in a 4x4 vehicle that maintains a safe distance at all times from wildlife. However, there are a few things you can bring to make your experience even more enjoyable such as binoculars and layered clothing. One of the most important things you can do is avoid wearing perfumes or strong scents as they can act as repellants.

Bears do not understand scents and so it is best to leave them at home or risk warding them off.

A bear viewing tour is an exciting and unique thing to do in Whistler. To book your own tour, visit Whistler Reservations!





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