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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Powder Skiing

Whistler has received a mind-boggling 165cm of new snow this week. That's triple their base in just a matter of days. For all you powder lovers out there, this is heaven. Now, skiing powder comes with an immense amount of joy but also, its own set of problems. In order to maximize on fun, safety, and skill, here are the do's and don't of powder skiing right from the experts. 

DO ride with a friend

After a large snowfall, tree wells and other hazards can be more prevalent. This is because the snow hasn't had a chance to consolidate. To minimize the risks associated with on-mountain hazards, it is advisable to ski with a friend. Take this one step further by making sure your ski buddy is within sight at all times when on the hill. 

DO carry a Whistle on your jacket

If you are in distress, use a whistle to notify those around you. This includes if you have an accident or see someone around you who is injured. Three blasts of a whistle is the international sign of distress or SOS. Whistle's can also be useful to let friends know where you are. 

DON'T forget a backpack

Taking a break for lunch means more powder for everyone else. Bring a backpack to carry snacks, extra goggles, water and an extra set of gloves. The additional gear will come in handy should your goggles fog and your gloves get wet. 

DO get up early

There's nothing quite like getting first tracks off of Emerald or Red chair. And to make this possible, you've got to be the early bird to get the worm. Don't hit snooze, you're going to want to be standing in the lift line at the least 7am. 

DON'T be indecisive

Pick which mountain you want to ski and stick to it. If you spend time wavering between spending the day on Whistler or Blackcomb, you'll miss out on all the goods. Another alternative is to split the day in half and use the Peak 2 Peak to travel between the two.

DO use proper technique

Skiing powder properly requires skill. Don't be afraid to do a little brushing up either with a lesson or some online reading on proper technique. This will help you expend less energy and have all around more fun. 

Now that you know the do's and don'ts of powder skiing, you're ready to enjoy what most skiers and snowboarders dream of. Book your Whistler vacation before the season's over to enjoy massive amounts of snow and more skiable terrain than you ever thought possible. 





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