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Whistler Tough Mudder: Check Out the New Obstacles

Tough Mudder Whistler is back again on June 18-19th with the ½ Mudder taking place the following weekend. This year the course is expected to be bigger, badder and bloodier than ever (well, maybe not bloodier we hope, but you get the point). There will be new obstacles introduced this year and some of the most loved (or hated) obstacles have undergone a revamp offering new challenges to Mudders for 2016. Whether this is your first Mudder event, are a Mudder veteran or spectator- check out the line up of new and improved Tough Mudder Whistler obstacles for 2016.

The Block Ness Monster

The Block Ness Monster, Tough Mudder
Photo: Tough Mudder Website

New this year, the Block Ness Monster will be making an appearance at the Tough Mudder Whistler Full and Half. The obstacle is designed to be as tough as the Lock Ness Monster herself and will involve pushing, pulling and rolling through 60 ft of slick, rotating barriers. This obstacle will involve rock solid teamwork, true grit and perseverance.

The Pyramid Scheme

The Pyramic Scheme Tough Mudder
Photo: Tough Mudder Website

A crowd favourite, The Pyramid Scheme, will require a team effort to scramble, climb and push your way up to the top of the pyramid battling slippery mud the entire way. Once at the top the team will need to find their footing before making their way down the other side of the obstacle and on to the next challenge. The Pyramid Scheme has undergone a revamp for 2016 so expect new surprises.

The Birth Canal

The Birth Canal Tough Mudder
Photo: Tough Mudder Website

If the name alone doesn’t put you off, this claustrophobia inducing obstacle will be your second journey down the birth canal. Crawl on your elbows and knees through a gauntlet of mud with weighted barriers and 100lbs of water resting on your back to add to the challenge. Freedom will never look so good as you pass the birth canal, ready for the next obstacle.

Cage Crawl

The Cage Crawl Tough Mudder
Photo: Tough Mudder Website

The revamped cage crawl although is as easy as breathing also involves pulling yourself along a 60ft steel fence while you’re in the water with only a few inches of air above you to breathe. If this doesn’t test your will and perseverance, nothing will. This obstacle is more a mental challenge then a physical one- can you successfully pull yourself through the watery trench?

Legionnaires Exclusive Obstacles

The Rain Man Tough Mudder
Photo: Tough Mudder Website

Veteran Mudders will have the chance to bypass obstacles and opt for legionnaire obstacles instead. The Frequent Flyers Club is an alternative to the Electroshock Therapy where you can watch newbies get zapped from a comfortable vantage point or toughen up and go for a round of electrocution yourself. If you’ve done the Cage Crawl before and are ready for the next level, try the Rain Man. Similair to the Cage Crawl but with deeper water, total darkness and water pouring from above. Finally, the Backstabber is a more difficult version of The Liberator. Legionnaires can attempt this 12’ foot wall but this time the wall has fewer pegs and fewer holes. Are you up for these Legionnaire challenges?

Along with the new, revamped and Legionnaire challenges many of the favourite obstacles remain the same such as Everest, Mud Mile, Balls to the Wall, Kiss of Mud and more. There are +20 obstacles taking place over 16 kilometers, with 500,000 gallons of mud and 40 tons of ice to add to the experience. If you are up for the challenge registration is still open. Haven’t booked your accommodation yet for Tough Mudder Whistler? Check out our last minute hotel deals and see you at Tough Mudder!





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