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powder day

How To Prepare For a Powder Day

You checked the forecast not once, not twice but three times. It's not a typo. Tomorrow morning when the gondola starts rolling, there will be 30 centimeters of fresh snow up for the conquering. You know that you're going to be up on the hill, but how can you make the most out of a day that snowy dreams are made of? With a little forethought, a tiny bit of planning, and some good old fashion extra time, you'll be ready for all the fluffy good stuff that can be found on Whistler Blackcomb. May we present, how to prepare for a powder day!

Prep Your Skis

It might seem so simple but it's often things like this that are overlooked. Give your skis and board a little TLC the night before a powder day. Things like giving them a fresh wax, tightening up any loose bolts, and even moving your bindings back a couple of inches will make a huge difference when you get into the deep stuff.

Prep The Rest Of Your Gear

Jacket, pants, gloves, goggles- get them all laid out and ready for the wee hours of the morning when you're dressing in the dark to make to the lifts. Also, if you’re serious about riding powder,  you should have a transceiver plus a pack with a shovel and probe on you every time you go up, no excuses. Oh, and don't forget a whistle. Things can get very deep out there. 

Make An Attack Plan

Yeah yeah, you're probably thinking there's enough powder for the taking. Really there is, but you want all of it! Make the most of a powder day by putting a plan in place. Decide who is in your group and where you will be skiing. Also, don't forget to watch for any alpine chairs opening throughout the day; If one of them cracks, you'll want to be on it!


Limber up a bit before you go to bed. Pay special attention to your quads and hip flexors. Their going to be taking a beating and could use a little love. When everyone else is calling it and heading to apres, you might just have a few runs still left in your legs. 

Set Your Alarm

Set your alarm for what you would consider early. And if you think you set it for the right time, set it even a few more minutes ahead of schedule. Now, you're only getting up at the crack of dawn to wait in the gondola line up but trust us, when you get some of the first fresh turns of the day down Dave Murry or Fisheye, it will be well worth it. 

Get A Good Night Sleep

Turn off Netflix and put down your devices, rest is one sure fire way to feel good while on the hill.

Happy powder shredding!





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