The Many Sounds Of Whistler


From the moment the Sea To Sky Highway curves around and takes you into Whistler, your senses will be left in wonder. So many sights to see and new smells to take in. But what many often fail to recognize, is the many noises associated with being in the mountains. These noises can’t be found anywhere else and are special to this unique place on Earth. Here are the many sounds of Whistler that provide a reason to stop, close your eyes, and listen closely. 


The hum of the snow plows at night because of snow heavily falling. This indicates that tomorrow is going to be a good day on the mountain. 

The bang of Patrol setting off bombs in the alpine, making it safe for everyone to enjoy. Better hurry to the Peak Chair, it might open shortly after!

The silence of new snowfall, blanketing everything in its soft fluffy cover.

The scrape skis against freshly groomed corduroy. 

The whooping of a frozen Alta Lake as the ice settles. 

The laughter of children at Family Après. 

The hoots and hollers of the crowd as the lift opens for the day. 

The clinking of glasses during après. 

The crunch of snow underfoot. 

The howls of riding a bobsleigh at the Whistler Sliding Centre. 


The soft brush of the wind against the trees as you hike through the alpine. 

The crunch of a burger being bitten into on one of Whistler’s many patios. 

The buzz of crickets and other bugs as a summer day wains. 

The OOO’s and AAAAH’s of seeing a bear for the first time on a bear watching tour. 

The whir of a bike hub as it is wheeled into the rental shop for the evening. 

The musical notes of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra being carried through the whole valley as they play at Whistler Olympic Plaza.

The splashing of fish jumping at Alta Lake. 

The thrum of bikes changing gear and descending down the many trails. 

The rush of Brandywine Falls as it cascades 66 meters to the ground. 

Next time you’re in Whistler, close your eyes and let your other senses guide you. You’ll hear things that you won’t hear anywhere else and that will help memorialize your experience in the mountains. The many sounds of Whistler are just another special attribute of this wonderful place. Come see and hear for yourself!

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