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The Waterfalls Of Whistler

As the summer fades and the last of the snow melts, it makes its way into the rivers and the streams that feed into the surrounding Whistler lakes. The water travels from the top of the mountain all the way down, and sometimes in its path, it becomes a stunning waterfall. Whistler is encircled by Mother Nature's waterworks. Not only are they beautiful and rewarding to set sight on, many have an interesting backstory as for how they came into existence. Here is the tale of the waterfalls of Whistler. 

Brandywine Falls

Just south of Whistler on the Sea To Sky Highway, lies a 66 metre waterfall. After a short hike in, viewers can watch the waterfall cascade abruptly from the shelf above and down to the river bed below. According to Whistler Hiatus, the legend of how Brandywine Falls got its name has it that Jack Nelson and Bob Mollison, working for the Howe Sound and Northern Railway made a wager for a bottle of brandy for who could guess how high the falls were.  Measured by a chain, Mollison won the wager and bottle of brandy and Nelson named the falls Brandywine.

Rainbow Falls

Situated above Alta Lake, Rainbow Falls water comes from Rainbow Lake which is Whistler's water source. It is also along one of the original hiking trails in Whistler that has existed well before Whistler was called Whistler. 

Nairn Falls

North of Whistler and quite close to Pemberton, sits Nairn Falls. This chaotic and powerful waterfall is memorizing sight to see. It is reachable after a short hike through the Nairn Falls Provincial Park. Nairn Falls came to be over 150 million years ago when the earth's crust moved upwards. As the crust moved, it pushed against nearby land masses. This created the jagged rocks. Over time, water from the glaciers pooled and eroded the surrounding rock, resulting in the waterfall that is there today. 

Alexander Falls

Alexander Falls has not one but three drop offs. So if you choose to view it, you're basically seeing three waterfalls in one. This falls sits in Callaghan Provincial Park just south of Whistler. If you choose to see the falls, leave time to explore the park. Its home to bears and other wildlife!

Whistler is enveloped in beauty. One such source is its abundant and breath taking waterfalls. Viewing these natural phenomenon is a wonderful addition to any holiday. What's more, many are viewable year round either by hiking or snowshoeing. To fit all these waterfalls in, you're going to need a place to rest your head. Visit Whistler Reservations for unbeatable deals on accommodation!





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