Fall Mountain Biking


You’re probably familiar with the four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. But here in Whistler, we operate under a two-season system: ski season and mountain bike season. When it’s not snowing, its time to get your bike out and hit the trails. With trails open from April right through until November, the season can be long and filled with exceptional riding right from beginning to end. Often what’s overlooked is the quality of riding that’s available during the autumn months. The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is still operating and the local trails have usually received some much-needed rain, putting them in prime condition. Here’s what you need to know about biking during this time of year. 

What To Expect


Hero dirt and fall go hand in hand.

We all know the term “powder day” but have you heard the term “hero dirt?” Here dirt is light, fluffy dirt that only happens in perfect conditions. It has good traction and can be a key ingredient in the best bike rides of your life. And guess what? Fall is full of hero dirt! The moisture and cooler conditions are just what’s needed for the trails to be optimal.

Being Prepared


The weather can be a tad wet but nothing a waterproof jacket can’t handle.

As mentioned, hero dirt goes hand in hand with moisture. Don’t let this deter you, the mountain biking is some of the best during the year, you just have to be well prepared. Bring layers and ride with a backpack. An extra pair of gloves or goggles never hurts either. Also be aware of the previous and current weather. Knowing will help you navigate the wet roots and slippery rocks that come with the season. Also, always make sure to ride within your limit.  

Suggested Trails

There’s something to ride during the fall for everyone.


Head over to Lost Lake. Link up a bunch of the trails for fun loops and stop by the lake to enjoy all the fall colours. 


The Cheakamus area has a variety of trails for all skill levels and when you’re finished, warm up over a frothy pint at either Coast Mountain Brewery or Whistler Brewing, located just over the highway in Function Junction. 


Blackcomb Mountain has a ton of really fun descents that feature great dirt, roots, and even some rocks. The pedal up comes alongside a nice view of the valley below. Make sure to stay alert when you’re riding in this area. It is a common grazing site for many local bears and they’re especially busy during fall as they get ready for winter. 

Fall features some of the best mountain biking conditions of the whole year. If you haven’t got your Whistler fix in this season, book your autumn biking holiday before the snow falls!

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