The Most Instagram-Worthy Things To Do In Whistler This Winter


The winter months are an exhilarating time to be in Whistler. The holiday spirit is very much alive and there are a number of exciting events happening in town- all of which are very Instagram-worthy. Amid the twinkling lights, you’ll find unique activities and plenty of share-worthy views.  Now as the saying goes, “It didn’t happen unless you post about it.” So work on your best selfie while enjoying all the most Instagram-worthy things to do in Whistler this Winter.

Skiing And Snowboarding


Views as far as the eye can see and adventure beneath your feet. It’s no wonder that many flock to top of Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain for a quick snap. Do your self a favor and linger a little longer after your photo shoot. Mother Nature might surprise you with her beauty. 

Fire And Ice Show

This legendary event kicks off on December 23. Head over to Skiers Plaza at the base of Whistler Mountain to watch athletes twirl and spin through a ring of fire. What’s more, there’s fire dancers and a DJ cranking out tunes. The firey backdrop is sure to brighten up your Instagram feed.

Ice Skating


Soak up all the vibrant colors and fun the holiday season brings while ice skating at Whistler Olympic Plaza. This activity is free and rentals are only $6. The smiles and even falls are going to make for some popular Instagram content. 

Festive Events


There are so many fun and exciting events all throughout the winter season. Many of which occur during the holidays such as Whistler Blackcomb’s Dress Like Santa Day. If a few hundred people dressed like Saint Nick aren’t going to blow your Instagram up, we don’t know what will! This is just one of the electrifying holiday events taking place this season. 


Whistler is known for it’s skiing but the foodie scene is also world-class. Snap a few pictures of your food either at one of Whistler’s unique eateries or one of the many fine-dining spots located all around town. Beautiful and equally as tasty meals await. 

Other Activities

You don’t have to limit yourself to only skiing when you’re in Whistler. Go snowshoeing, stroll the village, even go zip lining. If you’re really searching out that one of a kind moment that will compliment your Instagram, wake-up for sunrise and watch the winter sun crest over the mountains. The photo ops are truly endless. 

Whistler is a beautiful and fun place to be during the winter season. From events to food, there are so many Instagram-worthy moments everywhere you look. Get out there and get snapping!

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