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Where To Catch A Whistler Sunrise And Sunset

The vast wilderness and looming mountains that surround Whistler provide a constant source of beauty. Everywhere you look, it's dessert for your eyes. Whether it's the light catching droplets of rain on old-growth trees or steam rising from a still lake, there's no shortage of breathtaking moments. But what if there was a cherry on top of it? A Whistler sunrise or sunset it just that. It basks whatever you are gazing upon in a soft light and creates a magic that cannot be found at any other time of the day. We've gathered up where to catch those pinch-me sunrises and sunsets in Whistler.

Sunset At Green Lake

Watching the sun drop behind the mountains.

North of Whistler lies Green Lake. It can be accessed by car or by foot via the Valley Trail. The sun sets behind the west facing mountains and consequently, Green Lake is perfectly poised to watch it dip below their peaks. All the orange, pink, and purple hues associated with sunset will reflect off the surface of the lake and create a picturesque image that won't soon be forgotten. 

Sunset On Blackcomb Mountain

Reap the benefits of planning your all-mountain bike ride for early evening. The weather at this time of day is cooler and often, bears can be seen grazing lazily on the surrounding ski slopes. As you chase the sun, don't forget to look behind you to see Mother Nature's last light display of the day. 

Sunrise At Alta Lake

Take in a Whistler sunset from the dock at Rainbow Park.

An Alta Lake sunrise is worth waking up for. Grab a friend or go by yourself to either Rainbow or Lakeside Park. Either spot will ensure you catch sight of the first light of the day. Here, the mist will rise from the water, the local fauna will slowly wake up before you and you'll lay witness to colors you've never seen before. 

Sunrise On Sprout Mountain

A sunrise on Sprout Mountain isn't easy to come by.

Now, this is a bit adventurous but trust us, it's sensational. The Lord Of The Squirrels bike trail that is on Sprout Mountain is a 3-8 hour round trip from the Valley. If you start early (and we mean EARLY!) you can catch a sunrise that is heart-stopping... almost as heart stop as the climb to reach it!

We humans only have so many sunrises and sunsets to take in so it's best to start watching them while you can. To help make the most of your Whistler experience, we at Whistler Reservations can help you plan your perfect vacation, from first light to last and all that's in-between. 





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