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The RBC GranFondo Whistler

As fall begins to near, many are putting in their last training days and dialing in their bicycles. All this in preparation for the RBC GranFondo, taking place on September 8th, 2018. You see, this event is no easy feat. It covers 122 kilometers, from Vancouver all the way to Whistler. Many train for months to be able to cross the finish line and endure the lengthy hours in the saddle. While participating in this event might not be for everyone, spectating can be. Here is everything you need to know about The RBC GranFondo Whistler. 

What is a GranFondo?

According to the website, GranFondo's are mass participation cycling events that have enjoyed a huge amount of popularity in Europe for decades, the first being held in 1970 in Italy. Since then, they have increasingly spread all around the world. The event is for everyone and a riders skill level can range while still enjoying the experience. 

The Course

A slew of GranFondo Whistler participants do it for the course. In fact, the UK's GranFondoGuide even voted this event, North America’s Best Gran Fondo. This particular course takes riders along the breathtaking Sea To Sky Highway. To top it off, the highway is partially closed, allowing for the challenging climbs and adrenaline pumping descents to be taken without having to account for traffic. The coast provides a cool breeze wile the coastal mountains take the brunt of the sun and at the same time, scenic views distract from the physical exertion. 

The Experience

122 kilometres might seem like a lot but you won't be tackling it alone. Thousands of other riders will start right beside you and keep you company along the way. If you aren't chatting, there is plenty to look at while pedaling the famous highway, known for its beauty. Hungry, thirsty, or all of the above? There’s food and drink stations along the way, as well as mechanical and medical backup if needed. Celebrate your accomplishment at the festival found at the finish line, otherwise known as Celebration Plaza. All riders get a wristband with a food and drink token that you can exchange for a hot meal and well-deserved drink. So with a medal in hand, enjoy music, food, and maybe even a little dancing- that is, if your legs can handle it! 


You don't have to ride to enjoy the RBC GranFondo Whistler. Come along to cheer on a participant or enjoy the lively village atmosphere. It's party!

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