Quiz: Where To Get Cozy In Whistler

There are a few things that fall entails- colorful leaves, sweater weather and getting cozy! Warming up from the cool autumn air is crucial, especially with all the outdoor activities there are in Whistler. To avoid catching a chill, it’s good to have a plan of action in place. But how do you know where the best destination is to cozy up when there are so many to choose from in town? Take our quiz and we’ll help narrow your choices.

How much do you like being warm?

  1. You could take or leave it. As long as the atmosphere is good, that's what matters. 
  2. Being warm is important and you love a good fire to huddle around. 
  3. Warm is life. 

The air is crisp and you just want to snuggle up. What will be entertaining you as you get warm?

  1. Live music and by snuggle up, you mean dancing next to someone on the dance floor, right?
  2. An outdoor fire and good conversation.
  3. A good book, a blanket and a delicious warm drink will be keeping you busy for hours.

You've found some place to take cover from the chilly mountain air. Now, what’s your drink of choice?

  1. Anything with Fireball or Whiskey. 
  2. A specialty coffee, perhaps one with Bailey's or Kaluha that will warm you up from the inside out!
  3. Just a herbal tea or hot cup of coffee for you. 

What's your favourite autumn activity?

  1. Mountain biking, atving- anything to get your adrenaline pumping!
  2. Walking on a crisp fall day with friends. 
  3. Baking, reading and relaxing. 

If you answered mostly 1…

Warm or cold weather, it really doesn't matter as long as there's a good party! To warm up after some adrenaline pumping activities, you prefer a bar patio or a dance floor. Luckily, Whistler is full of places like this for you to enjoy. Visit the iconic Longhorn Saloon for a shot of Fireball on the patio and then carry the goodtimes inside to the dance floor. 

If you answered mostly 2…

You love to socialize with friends and nothing warms your heart more than good conversation around a toasty fire. Spend some quality time taking in the village scenery from the fire pit at the Dublin or the Olympic Plaza. 

If you answered mostly 3…

You prefer to stay out of the cold weather and curl up with a good book and relaxing solitude is you fall haven. Visit the Scandinave for the ultimate way to keep warm and relax- that is you choose to avoid the cold pools! Or if you would prefer to have a hot drink in hand, Gone bakery has the perfect comfy seats to spend hours out of the cool autum air.