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10 Reasons To Love Whistler

Valentine's Day is coming up and as with every year, what and who we love is on our minds. The day is meant to celebrate romantic feelings. And let us be the first to tell you, we have a crush that the world needs to know about. Our crush is on Mother Nature, and in particular, Whistler. From its spectacular mountain tops that can be reached by gondola to its fauna that we swoon over, there's an infinite number of reasons to feel tenderly about this mountain town. Maybe we're lovestruck, but we can't help ourselves. Here's 10 reasons to love Whistler. 

1. The Bears

These adorable creatures are a familiar sight around Whistler. It's so endearing to watch the bears waddle across a ski run or nurture their cubs. 

2. The Mountain Peaks

Ascending 2,181 m to the top of a mountain isn't something you can do everyday. That is, unless you're in Whistler. The tops of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains are easily assessable and the 360 degree views that they provide are one of a kind. 

3. Black Tusk

Black Tusk can be seen from many places in both the valley and from on the mountain. This iconic sight is awe-inspiring and oh, so quintessentially Whistler. 

4. The Wizards Beard

Usnea or Old Man Beard as it is affectionately called is a pale grayish-green lichen that grows at higher elevations. We have grown to appreciate this plant as it only grows in areas where the air is clean and of high quality.

5. Alta Lake

Tucked slightly out of sight, this massive lake is home to both summer and winter fun. It's shores are perfect for sun bathing and also for taking off onto the ice for the great Canadian activity, pond hockey!

6. The Marmots

Did you know Whistler was named after the whistling noise that the hoary marmots make? We are so thankful that they chose this area as their home and contributed to the towns namesake. 

7. Skiing And Snowboarding

This is an obvious reason but still very important. The skiing and snowboarding is world-class and there are 8,171 acres of terrain to explore. What's not to like about that?

8. Snow

No matter how much falls, it never seems to get less exciting. We are giddy just looking at the weather report. And when the snow comes down in centimetres and metres, we can hardly sleep. This beloved weather pattern seems to have more control over lives than breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

9. Après

Each day on the mountain is worth celebrating and that's exactly what après is. A drink with friends and maybe even some dancing. We can't get enough of this after skiing tradition. 

10. The People

Whistler is filled with people from all over the world that share one thing in common: An appreciation for the mountains. 

There's more than enough to love about Whistler and we could easily keep going. The only way to experience why we have a crush on the Mother Nature is to come see for yourself. Let us at Whistler Reservations help you plan the perfect Whistler vacation so that you can fall in love just like we did. 





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