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Whistler’s Top 5 Must-Do Summer Activities

School’s out, the summer solstice has come and gone, and the sun is shining bright in the sky. No matter how you measure it, summer is officially here!

Whistler is a great place to explore year-round, but there are certain activities that you can only do in the summer months. The dog days of summer won’t last forever, so get to Whistler as soon as you can to try our top 5 summertime Whistler activities yourself!


Number 5: Golfing in the Valley

Golfing in Whistler is so much more than just golfing.

For starters, golfing is the perfect way to soak up every minute of sunshine on a gorgeous summer day. You didn’t come to Whistler to snooze the day away indoors, so slap on a hat and head outside to breathe in that glorious mountain air. Golfing lets you do that—for hours.

Second, Whistler’s golf courses were conveniently designed to capture as many breathtaking views as possible. Golfing in Whistler is like going on a bonus sightseeing tour—you’ll spend as much time snapping pictures as you do swinging clubs.

And, of course, there’s the actual golfing itself. Whistler’s three courses offer some of the finest golfing on the continent. Golfing allows you to experience the best of Whistler’s summers in just one day.

Book your Whistler golfing here!


Number 4: Lounging at the Lake

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a spectacular summer day in Whistler. Follow the throngs of locals to any one of Whistler’s several beaches.

From Alpha Lake Park to the beach at Lost Lake to Rainbow Park on the far side of Alta Lake, you’ll surely find a place to lay down a beach towel to flip through a magazine or chat with friends. Docks to dive off, beach volleyball courts, and refreshing (though not glacial) waters to take a dip in—Whistler’s beaches have got it all.


Number 3: Paddling the River of Golden Dreams

Head to Lakeside Park and pick up a canoe to paddle your way down the River of Golden Dreams.

Meandering down Whistler’s natural lazy river is a must-do on any visitor or resident’s bucket list. The paddle down to Green Lake takes about three hours and is a great way to totally immerse yourself in Whistler’s natural beauty. The river floats through several Whistler neighbourhoods, connecting two of Whistler’s biggest lakes.

Part active, part scenic, and all fun, the River of Golden Dreams is a great option to do solo, with friends, or as a family activity.

Book your canoe trip down the River of Golden Dreams here!

Whistler Hiking Sightseeing

Number 2: Hiking the Alpine

You’ve never seen Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains like this—at least, not if you’re used to sliding down on skis!

In the summer months, our local mountains sport a whole new look. Your favourite ski runs will be virtually unrecognizable as you navigate them by foot, surrounded by fields of wildflowers. From a short half-hour loop to a full-day hike, there’s plenty to explore up top.

If you’ve only got the afternoon to spare, head up Whistler and make a bee-line for the Peak Chair. Check out the walls of snow up top, and then walk your way back to the Roundhouse via the High Note Trail. Grab a scoop of Lucia Gelato before you head back down the gondola—you deserve it!


Number 1: Mountain Biking

You can’t mention Whistler in the summer without highlighting our main attraction: mountain biking. There’s a reason that visitors flock from all corners of the world, mountain bikes in tow: Whistler is a mountain biking Mecca. From our sensational bike park to the endless cross-country bike trails, no trip to Whistler in the summertime is complete without hopping on a bike.

Book your mountain biking adventure here!


From blissfully mellow to adrenaline-packed, there’s no shortage of incredible activities to check out in the summer months. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start booking your Whistler summer adventures!





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