Whistler Winter Activities For Families

Whistler lends itself well to families. With an easy and safe pedestrian village, two ski mountains with a range of programs for kids of all ages, and a plethora of other family friendly activities- why go anywhere else? Many families arrive in Whistler unaware of some of the great family friends activities on offer. Here are our top picks for Whistler winter activities to try with the family next time you’re here.

Kids Ski School

Whether it’s your child's first time strapping into a pair of ski/snowboard boots, or they're already a hard-core shredder wanting to fine-tune their skills, Whistler Blackcomb has a snow school program that’s right for you and your kids.

Whistler Sleigh-ride

Embrace the winter charm of Whistler on a horse drawn carriage while you explore the stunning surroundings. This enchanting experience, tucked under a blanket while the winter landscapes pass by, will be unforgettable. Choose from a day-time or dinner sleigh-ride and discover the Canada that has always existed in your imagination.



The kids will love being towed along windy winter trails by a team of dogs. A professional musher will demonstrate the process of harnessing and staging the dogs, and then hold on tight as you’re whisked away into a winter wonderland. Along the way you will stop at a trapper’s cabin on Totem Lake and learn about the history of Canadian fur trappers. An adventurous and educational activity in one, dog-sledding will be something that will last in the memories of your kids for years to come.



Kids 6 and over will love the rush of soaring above the treeline while they discover for the first time what it feels like to fly. The Ziptrek tour features seven suspension bridges, two aerial bridges, ten tree-top viewing platforms and ten zip-lines! Combine the adventure of zooming through the air with the education of learning about centuries old rainforest. An adrenaline rush like no other, Ziptrek is a must try activity for your family while in Whistler.

Coca Cola Tube Park


Your children (along with your inner child) will love the Coca Cola Tube Park. With seven lanes of varying difficulty you can choose your thrill level as you soar down the 1000ft long lanes with a grin from ear to ear. The tube park is open until 7pm each night and is a great post-skiing activity. The party like atmosphere has music blaring and a fire-pit to warm up by after a few runs. Parents will love seeing their kids so entertained and kids will love watching their parents squeal with excitement as they soar down the slopes.



Why not venture into the back-country for a snowmobile adventure? The Callaghan Cruiser Snowmobile tour is perfect for families and is a great introduction to snowmobiling. Ride along wide, easy trails and be immersed by spectacular scenery. Snowmobiling is the ultimate experience for getting off the beaten track and exploring terrain less travelled around Whistler.

Next time you’re in Whistler be sure to schedule some family-friendly activities, besides skiing and riding on the mountain. Whistler is a winter utopia and the best place in Canada to experience authentic winter activities. We hope to see you and your family in Whistler soon!