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Everything You Need to Know for Planning Your Winter Whistler Vacation

It’s been decided: you’re coming to Whistler. Let the fun begin!

On second thought, make that: let the planning begin. To get the most out of your wintertime Whistler vacation, you’ll need to do a little legwork now.

Trust us: it will be completely worth it when you arrive in our glorious mountain town and have the perfect trip ahead of you. Not to mention, planning is a surefire way to get really, really excited about your upcoming trip! Here's what you need to know to get started:

The Who

First up: figure out who, exactly, is coming on this magical Winter holiday. Will this be a family trip, or is it a reunion with a few long lost buddies? Are you having a romantic couple’s getaway, or are you showing your elderly parents what Whistler’s all about?

Happy friends at dinning table

The “who” will determine where you stay, what you do, and even where you eat, so get the attendance list in check before moving forward with preparations.

The What

Assess your list of attendees and figure out what, exactly, you’re hoping to get out of your Whistler trip.

Most people trek to Whistler in the winter months for a whole lot of skiing—but consider what you will do when the lifts shut down for the day, or when your aching body is begging you for a day of rest.

For instance, culinary connoisseurs will want to start researching which of Whistler’s world renown restaurants they want to tick off their foodie bucket list— and make those reservations well in advance during the busy winter season.


Adventure-lovers, on the other hand, will need to prioritize between all the adrenaline-filled activities around town. Zip lining, dog sledding, bungee jumping, snowmobiling, and heliskiing are just a few of the options to check out.

Figuring out the “what” can be tricky—start by exploring our list of winter activities to see what might be in store for your Whistler vacation.

The When

In Whistler, winter consists of the stretch between mid-November to the end of April. The next step in planning your Whistler adventure is pinning down when you’ll be in town.

There’s a lot to consider: school holidays, vacation time, and personal schedules will be a major factor in picking your dates. Consider that traditionally busy times, like the Christmas holiday and Spring Break, will mean longer lift lines and busier restaurants.


Maybe you want to plan your holiday to coincide with major events, like the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in mid-April. Maybe you want to beat the crowds and come at the start of the season, or bet on the typically stormy stretch around February and March for a powder-filled trip. Decisions, decisions…

The Where

You’ve determined how many people are in your Whistler party, and you’ve got a good idea of how you’d like to spend your time in town, and the dates are marked off in your calendar.

aava hotel

Now, you just need to figure out where you want to stay. Narrow down your search by setting a budget and determining what places can accommodate a party of your size during the dates that you’ve chosen. Start by checking out hotels and condo/townhome rentals, and consider exploring areas outside Whistler Village, too.

The How

Congratulations: you’re almost done planning your trip to Whistler! All that’s left to do is execute on your action plan-- and Whistler Reservations can definitely help with that.


Share your itinerary with your co-vacation mates and delegate the tasks of booking accommodation, hiring transportation, and making reservations for restaurants and activities-- or just contact us and we'll get it all taken care of.

And that’s it: you’re officially ready to start daydreaming. See you soon!





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