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Best Smart Phone Apps To Use In Whistler

Lets face it, your phone could be the most important travel accessory.  It helps you stay connected, navigate new surroundings and obtain information at the touch of a finger.  All of these characteristics can enhance your travel experience and make for a worry free vacation. Currently, there are a number of travel specific apps on the market. From trip planners to restaurant reviews and location specific apps, there is no shortage to aid you in having a smooth, enjoyable time, whereever you are. We have collected some of the best smart phone apps to use here in Whistler!

XE Currency

With a great number of Whistler travellers coming from abroad, it's important to be able to calculate exchange rates on the go. XE Currency lets you access live exchange rates and calculate prices on your smartphone. It also saves your last updated rate so you can function offline. 

Whistler Backcomb

The resort has created a great user friendly app with many interactive features that can supplement your mountain experience. It provides real time mountain information on lift status, weather, news updates and back country advisory. You can even create alerts for when your favourite lift opens or if there is snowfall. This is a must have addition to your Whistler vacation!

Pack Point

Travelling into the mountains requires a lot of planning, especially surrounding what to pack. The weather can be variable and you don't want to be caught in shorts during a freak snow storm. Pack Point helps users by providing a checklist of travel essentials geared towards the nature of their travel and the destination. 


Sitting at the table and figuring out how to split a jug of beer can be time consuming. This often leads to someone having to make up the difference. There are a number of apps on the market that help you to split costs between you and your friends, but Splitter's easy to use interface is geared especially towards travelling. Keep track of your who owes what, who has paid and even email a report to everyone at the end of the trip. 


Tell the story of your vacation as it happens and keep that memory forever. Your total solution to managing all the content you create on your vacation. Track steps through GPS, use maps to illustrate your journey, store your digital content and then share on social media. Go back in and relive your vacation, over and over. 

Trip Case

Keep all of your trip details in one place. Trip Case allows you to manage flights, hotel bookings and car rentals all by creating a travel itinerary from emails that you forward. No messing about or reading through emails that contain a lot of filler material, just this one app- simplified travel planning!

It's guaranteed your smart phone will be coming on your vacation with you, so might as well make it a contributing member of the group. These great apps can help you stick to a budget, share your experience with others, pack smartly, and enjoy your trip that much more! Before you start downloading apps, book your hotel and activities at Whistler Reservations.







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