ZipTrek: Soar through Whistler’s Forests

Believe it or not, there are a number of activities in Whistler that take you off the ground and into the sky! ZipTrek Whistler has a number of ziplines that do just that and we set out to experience their Eagle Tour. This tour features five different ziplines, including a 2400 ft one! So join us as we leave solid ground, take in Whistler from a different perspective and of course, feel the adrenaline rush that comes with soaring!

Your tour starts out at Zip Trek headquarters in Carleton Lodge, right in the village. The guides are very efficient in suiting you up with your harness and helmet. They also make sure you have proper clothing (It can be chilly at higher elevations), footwear (No one wants to lose a shoe!), and provide storage space for any valuables you may not want to see tumble from your pocket and into oblivion.

Concerned about safety? Your harness system allows for full movement and security. Also, don't be afraid to ask your guides any questions so you are able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Once you have all your gear, it's right to the Gondola to travel up Whistler Mountain to your first and longest zipline of the day. This short ride up to Olympic Station is a wonderful way to get acquainted with your fellow zipliners and guides.


After exiting the gondola, it's a brief walk down a trail and into the woods where the first zipline of the tour awaits! All of the ziplines are adrenaline pumping but the first of the day seemed to be the one that created the most butterflies! The guides attach you to the line then open a gate and at that point, it's all up to you to leave the ground!


Before you know it, you will be soaring above and through the old-growth rainforest, reaching speeds of over 80 km/hr (50 mph). Make sure you look up and taking in the spectacular scenery, it is truly awe-inspiring.


Each zipline is connected by short trails and bridges. In total, you can expect to walk for a cumulative 20-30 minutes.


The trails are under a forest canopy and there are plaques to read that provide information on the surrounding flora and fauna. The guides also point out interesting facts about the area and are quick to show you bear claw marks on the trees and where cougars like to lounge in the sun!


It's impossible to not have fun when your guides are having so much fun! How could they not when they spend their days in tops of trees!


Each zipline is unique and surprisingly, so is the journey to each one. In between soaring, you will cross treetop suspension bridges and climb on to sky-high viewing platforms, providing a perfect time to safely take pictures!


The final zipline of the day will take you over the ski run and right back into the village, just steps away from where you first started your adventure.

The overall experience will leave you fired up on adrenaline, Whistler, and flying! Does ZipTrek sound like a Whistler activity you want to try? Let's us help you book your adventure today!