Winter Pet Friendly Holidays

Planning a vacation? There's no need to leave Bowser at home. A winter holiday can be a wonderful change of scenery for both you and your pet. In addition to all the pet-friendly activities available in Whistler, we can bet that there's a good chance your furry best friend will love snow as much as you do. Just as you plan for a winter vacation, your pet will need to well-prepared in order to enjoy what Whistler has to offer. Here is everything you need to know about a winter pet-friendly holiday in the mountains.

Things To Do

Bringing your pet along doesn't mean you have to sit out of fun activities. In reality, there are tons of things to do that allow for quality time with your furry friend.

  • Cross-Country Skiing at Whistler Olympic Park. In addition to the pristine wilderness, there are over 60km of dog-friendly trails waiting to be explored.
  • A stroll through Whistler Village. Grab a cup of hot cocoa to-go and take in the village sights and atmosphere. Even stop by a dog-friendly patio for a quick bite if time permits.
  • Snowshoe to Whistler's Train Wreck. Rent some snowshoes to enjoy one of the many hikes alongside your pet.


Your pet may have a fur coat but that won't be all it needs for a trip to the mountains during winter. Be prepared to pack additional items to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable while on vacation.

  • ID Tag- Make sure your contact information and dogs name are easily accessible should your pet get lost.
  • Paw Protection - Winter travel conditions can be tough on your pet’s feet. Keep baby wipes handy to clean paws immediately after walking on salted roads or sidewalks. Consider rubber booties if your pet is susceptible to paw irritations or ice forming on the surrounding hair.
  • A Jacket - If your pet has short hair, consider a jacket to protect him or her against the elements.
  • Water - Pack a water bottle or portable bowl for your pet. The cold temperatures can increase thirst. Whistler is very pet-friendly and many establishments provide a place for pets to drink but it is best to be prepared in case you are outside the village.
  •  A bed - While many pet-friendly establishments are able to provide a pet bed for the duration of your stay, many animals are creatures of habit, so even the most seasoned traveler will feel more secure with his or her own blanket or bed during winter travel.

You and your pet are going to love vacationing in Whistler during the winter. And every experience will be that much better with your four-legged best friend by your side. Keep in mind, making sure your both well-prepared and planning out pet-friendly activities are key ingredients to an easy and fun holiday.

Woof woof! Let us help you find the perfect accommodation for both you and your furry friend.