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Which Whistler Tasting Tour Should You Try?

It’s an age-old dilemma for any visitor to Whistler: with so many awesome restaurants, bars, and cafes, how do you possibly choose which ones to visit?

Luckily, Whistler Tasting Tours has come up with a perfect solution: in one evening, you can join a guided tour of like-minded people to visit several of Whistler’s top dining spots.

Not only are the tours an efficient way of experiencing some of Whistler’s best meals, but they’re also a great way to get to know Whistler Village, to meet new people, and to get the most bang for your buck.

Deciding to embark on a Whistler Tasting Tour is the easy part. The tough part is deciding which tour to try. Take this quiz to help you find your perfect fit.

It’s your lucky day – the local radio station has just phoned to inform you that you’ve won an all-expenses paid trip abroad! There are three prize packages to choose from, and you have exactly 60 seconds to choose one. Which do you pick?

  1. A Parisian escape where you’ll have a chance to shop, visit nearby wineries, and enjoy a five course meal prepared especially for you by a world renowned French chef beneath the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.
  2. A cultural getaway to Croatia that involves exploring local markets, sampling the fresh seafood, and discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants with incredible creations inspired by local ingredients.
  3. A decadent trip to Switzerland where you’ll travel through the mountains, indulge in traditional fondue, and tour a chocolate factory – complete with endless samples.

When you’re looking to try a new restaurant, which of the following is the most important factor to you?

  1. The restaurant has to offer a completely unique experience that will make for a memorable evening.
  2. The restaurant should be known for offering a particular type of cuisine, or excelling in one special dish that you just can’t get anywhere else.
  3. The restaurant needs to have a compelling cocktail menu – and a delicious dessert menu, too.

You’re flipping through a magazine on an airplane and notice there’s an article highlighting the city you’re about to visit. The article features a very favourable review for a new restaurant. Your thoughts are:

  1. “This sounds phenomenal – I have to try it!”
  2. “I’ll pass – I’d rather rely on a local’s recommendation than a magazine’s.”
  3. “Looks interesting, but I want to know more. What makes this restaurant unique?”

For one day only, you get to choose one of the following perks on Whistler/Blackcomb. Which do you choose?

  1. A special pass that lets you cut to the front of the line of any chairlift.
  2. Exclusive access to secret run that nobody else knows about – and that is covered with a foot of fresh powder.
  3. A VIP seat at après for you and three friends, complete with a private bartender who can whip up anything you can imagine.


If you answered:

Mostly 1:

Try the Finer Things Tour

The Finer Things Tour offers you VIP access to some of Whistler’s most wow-worthy restaurants. From champagne sabering to mouth watering dishes prepared by Whistler’s best to a behind-the-scenes tour that culminates in a delectable dessert, this tour is for those who want the best of the best.

Mostly 2:

Try the Hidden Gems Tour

Discovering Whistler’s culinary scene is a lot like learning about the best spots on the mountain: sometimes, the best places aren’t the most obvious. With the Hidden Gems Tour, you can check out the places that the locals love to go to, and get a few sweet treats along the way. Yum.

Mostly 3:

Try the Dessert Tour

If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, look no further than the Dessert Tour. From crisp apple tartin to creamy marscapone to decadent fudge, you’ll be in seventh heaven at the end of this tour. Of course, you have to cut the sweet stuff with something – that’s where the wine and cocktails come in. Is your mouth watering yet?





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