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The #1 Best Way to Unwind in Whistler: The Scandinave Spa

People come to Whistler looking for experiences. Skiing experiences, dining experiences, heart-pumping adrenaline-fueled experiences…

So when you’re ready to unwind from all these activities, you won’t just want to hit up any old spa – you’ll want to get the full Whistler spa experience. There’s only one place to do that: the Scandinave Spa.

You’ve never experienced relaxation quite like this before. In fact, we’re pretty confident that the Scandinave Spa is the number one place to unwind in Whistler. Here’s why:

The #1 Spa Location in Town

A lot of spas use essential oils or “Call of the Wild”-style soundtracks to create the illusion of tranquility and remoteness. The Scandinave Spa doesn’t have to resort to tricks—it really is tranquil and remote!


Nestled in the forests up in Spruce Grove (just a few minutes north of Whistler Village), you’ll know you're somewhere special as soon as you arrive on the Scandinave Spa grounds. The main building just confirms this: part luxury lodge, part cabin in the woods, you will feel the stress melt from your shoulders the moment you step inside.

The #1 in Originality

It’s safe to say that the Scandinave Spa is not your average spa. Of course, you can pamper yourself with a traditional massage, but the Scandinavian baths are the real attraction.


Picture a sprawling oasis dotted with pools and baths, some smaller, some larger. Some of them are hot—hot tub hot, or even hotter. Others are ice cold. In between the snaking pools, there are plenty of lounge chairs and hammocks. There are buildings, too: solariums, saunas, even a eucalyptus steam room.

Sounds pretty good, right? It is: the Scandinavian baths offer the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. To reap the full benefits, you’re encouraged to hop from hot to cold to relaxing, repeating the cycle three or four times—or as many times as necessary. Side effects include clearing your mind, relaxing your body, and experiencing the ultimate calming sensation.

The #1 in Never-Ending Relaxation

At most spas, you come for your appointment, enjoy an hour or two of indulgent spa services, and then you’re done. Not so at the Scandinave Spa: the unique Scandinavian Baths experience means that you can relax for hours on end.


The #1 in Massage Options

Get ready to spoil yourself: you can pair your Scandinavian bath experience with a delicious massage. But don’t expect an average run-of-the-mill massage: the Scandinave Spa offers a full menu of styles to choose from, depending on your relaxation needs.


If you’re feeling tense all over, check out the classic Swedish massage. If your muscles are wound tight—possibly from some epic days on the mountain—sign up for a cleansing deep tissue massage. Those seeking an invigorating energy boost will love the Thai yoga option. There’s even duo massage and prenatal massage options.

The #1 in Year-Round Bliss

One of the best things about the Scandinave Spa is that every time you go, you’ll experience something different. On a hot summer day, you might find yourself snoozing in the sun on a lawn chair or spending a little extra time in the cold baths. Cold, snowy days mean lots of time in the hot baths (surrounded by snow, no less) and a daring dip in the cold pool before warming up in the saunas. Even rainy days are magical, cozied up in a solarium with a magazine in hand while the rain pounds down on the roof. Ahhh.


If you want to experience the #1 best way to unwind in Whistler, check out our spa packages and live the Scandinave Spa experience for yourself!





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