The Ultimate Whistler Guys’ Getaway

Grab your buddies and load up the cars: it’s time to head to Whistler for the ultimate boys trip.

Whistler is the perfect place for a group of guys looking to play hard, feast well, and party the night away. Here’s your go-to guide for the ultimate boys’ trip in the mountains.

Step One: Set Up Base Camp

To secure the perfect headquarters, look beyond the tradition hotel room and find a rental property that will accommodate the entire group. You can rent out a sizable townhome or a spacious chalet close to all of the action. The communal spaces offered in private accommodations mean that you’ll have a ton of room to hang out.

Step Two: Fuel Up


Start your weekend off on the right food with protein—lots and lots of protein. A steakhouse is the obvious option—the hardest part will be narrowing down your options. Between Hy’s, The Keg, The Grill Room and Sidecut, you have your work cut out for you. Ambitious groups can try to hit all four.

Step Three: Get Extreme


If your attitude is “go big or go home”, and you’ve come during the winter months, then there really is only one option: heli-skiing. A day touring through Whistler’s backcountry with your own private guide—now that’s a trip you’ll never forget.

If the season (or your budget) prevents you from heli-skiing, not to worry: you can still feel the rush of adrenaline with a bungee jump excursion. The views are spectacular—not that you’ll notice as you plunge 160 feet down towards the Cheakamus Canyon.

Step Four: Clean Up and Catch Up


After the nerves have settled and showers have been taken, head into town to recap the day’s events. Check out the Cinnamon Bear for some mellow beers and a game or two of pool, or head to Brandy’s Sports Bar if you want to catch the game.

Step Five: Party On!

You can’t very well cap off an extreme day with a sensible night’s sleep, can you? It’s time to witness Whistler’s infamous party scene first hand. Head towards the GLC to catch an awesome DJ set or—if you’re lucky—a live show, or discover the world of Whistler’s underground clubs—quite literally underground: these bars are below ground level. Fair warning: you won’t want to leave until the lights come back on.

Step Six: Reminisce and Recover


Head over to the Wildwood for a hearty breakfast (er… lunch?) to get back on the right track. If you’re visiting in the summer months, there’s only one way to spend the afternoon: in an inflatable raft, cruising along the River of Golden Dreams. Otherwise, park yourself on a patio at the base of the mountain and watch the action unfold.

Step Seven: Plan Your Next Trip

If you’ve done it right, you’ll leave Whistler with an insatiable urge to return and do it all over again—or to try some totally different activities. Agree to make the trip an annual tradition, or a seasonal affair… or maybe even a mandatory monthly event.