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Tipping in Whistler

So you’ve been for a deep relaxation Hot Stone massage at the Scandinave Whistler Spa, or you’ve spent the afternoon enjoying a few patio pints at Brewhouse. Well, lucky you! But how do express your appreciation for the service you received?


Everyone’s got their two cent’s worth on tipping. At Whistler Hotels, we pride ourselves on diligently searching for ways in which to make your visit easy and less stressful. So let’s get you up to snuff on the local custom of tipping in Whistler.

Gratuity or not, in Whistler we certainly aim to please, and everyone should be doing what they can to ensure that you experience the very best of Whistler. But service providers will tend to agree on the following as an appropriate amount to tip before taxes.

Restaurants/Bars/Cafes with Table Service 15 – 20% - Servers have to “Tip Out,” usually 4 – 8% gets divided up between the busboys, bar staff, doorman, kitchen workers, dish washers, hostesses and chefs.  For parties of 8 or more, some restaurants will charge automatic gratuity of 15%, so be sure to check your bill before tipping.

Coffee Shops/Food Stands/Counter-service Not required - If you order and pay right away, tipping is optional. Loose change tossed in the tip jar is always appreciated.

Hotel – Valet $5 on vehicle unload, $5 on Pick-up - Making multiple trips to and from the hotel each day? $2 per car retrieval will do.

Hotel – Room Service Tip Generally Included - Housekeeping tip is $2-5 per night stayed.

Taxi/Limo 10 – 20% - Whistler cabbies are true locals, and tips let them know their service, great music and stories of cab-driving adventures are appreciated.

Hairdresser/Esthetician/Masseuse 10 – 30% - If you’re walk away happy, and looking and feeling your best, then tip away! Babysitter/Nanny 15 – 20% - Happy and healthy kids, house is in one piece, delicious leftovers in the fridge … tip, tip, tip!

Tour Guide/Instructor 15 – 20% - Tipping guides/instructors is a way of saying “thanks for keeping me safe, and showing me the best of Whistler!”

There you have it — Whistler Hotels Tipping Guide. Remember, tipping varies by scenario, and if you’ve received courteous and attentive service, then let the Whistler locals know they’re appreciated. If you’re unsatisfied with your experience tell management; we can’t fix the unknown.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of tipping in Whistler. If you have more specific questions regarding tipping, don’t hesitate to ask a local at www.whistlerhotels.com “Live” Help or call 1.877.932.2285.





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