New Year’s Resolutions For The Whistler Traveler

The beginning of a new year is upon us and with that comes the age-old question, "what are your New Year's resolutions?" Many of us at Whistler Reservations find making and sticking to resolutions much easier if they encompass a passion, and we are passionate about the mountains! Trying new activities or visiting a wild location are just a few of the goals you may hear from our staff members. But accomplishing goals in Whistler isn't just for our staff. For the Whistler traveler, your 2017 New Year's Resolutions are just a step away from being met!

"I want to bungee jump!"

This adrenaline pumping resolution may be on more people's list than just Whistler travelers. A visit to Whistler Bungee can check this off the list. Set in the wild wilderness with breathtaking views, participants will drop 160 feet over the Cheakamus River. You may even add this on to the list again next year!

"I want to have breakfast on top of a mountain!"

Imagine starting your day off with a buffet style breakfast then enjoying fresh snow all to yourself and before the rest of the public gets to upload. No, this isn't a special situation, this is all part of Fresh Tracks Breakfast & Ski!

"I want to bask in serenity."

Sit in a hot or cold relaxation area and take in the surrounding scenery. The Scandinave Spa is an authentic experience and the perfect beginning or end to a day in the mountains!

"I want to ride on the first gondola to join two mountains!"

Whistler boasts the Peak to Peak Gondola, the first of it's kind to join two mountains as well as hold the world record for the longest free span between ropeway towers. Expect 360-degree views of the whole of Whistler and beyond!

"I want to go heli-skiing this year!"

Heli-skiing is your chance to soar high above the mountains, ski untouched powder and experience terrain that only a few before you have laid tracks into. This can be a lifetime goal or just a resolution. Nevertheless, your heli-skiing experience is sure to be memorable!

"I want to see someone jump through a ring of fire!"

Every Sunday and on specially added dates, join athletes and dancers for a performance that fuses fire and ice. Watch athletes spin and jump through a ring of fire while dancers light the landing below with their torches. 

"I want to soar through the trees!"

ZipTrek Whistler combines adventure, education, and adrenaline during their tree top adventure. Guests climb towers on their way to soaring above the trees to take in the surrounding scenery.  

"I will ride a snowmobile this year!"

Knock riding a snowmobile off your resolution list and do it in style. By taking one of the snowmobile and dining tours, guests will participate in a unique experience as well as an adventure. Take your pick of a Yukon style breakfast or a fondue dinner at Crystal Hut!

"I want to get the best deal on accommodation!"

Looking to get a deal on your stay in Whistler that could just be the savings of the year? Contact Whistler Reservations for the best price guarantee!