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What Makes Whistler Truly Beautiful

Photo: Tourism Whistler/ Mike Crane

Whistler has been awarded many titles, ‘#1 ski resort in North America,’ probably being the most famous one. People recognize Whistler as being a place of thrill and adventure where you can ski, bike, swim and hike all in one day if you desire. But many people would agree- Whistler’s biggest asset is its beauty. Recently rated one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Canada by travel lifestyle publication The Culture Trip, we wanted to have a closer look at what makes Whistler beautiful.

Natural Diversity

Whistler has a lot going for it in the nature department. Situated in a Valley surrounded by coastal mountains and glaciers the stunning mountain backdrop is what lures people from around the world to visit the mountain town. But the beauty doesn’t stop with the mountains. Add five pristine lakes, hundreds of acres of untouched old growth forest, unbridled rivers and creeks that meander throughout the valley and you get a town that is truly scenically blessed.

Seasonal Shifts


There aren’t many places in the world that display the spectrum of seasons quite like Whistler. In the summertime Whistler is bursting with wildflowers, with a dazzling display of every hue of blue and green. As autumn creeps in the landscapes transform into warm earthy tones as the leaves begin to fall, and the temperature begins its descent. As the winter snow moves in millions of tourists from around the world come to enjoy the classic Canadiana experience and postcard worthy sites of snow covered mountains and twinkling village lights. As the snow melts and the sun shines stronger, springtime brings new life to Whistler with wildlife and plantlife re-emerging in a beautiful display of rejuvenation.

Easy Accessibility

No matter where you are in Whistler nothing is far. The Valley trail meanders 40 kilometers through the neighbourhoods of Whistler, around the lakes and into the heart of the Village. Whether walking, running or biking, the Valley trail is a safe and easy way to explore Whistler while taking in the sights at the same time. Located only 2 hours from Vancouver the drive to Whistler is an experience in itself. The windy Sea to Sky Highway’s beauty has been captured in many car commercials as the picturesque drive follows the coastline from Vancouver to Squamish and then winds through mountains as it nears Whistler.

Manicured Settings

Photo: Tourism Whistler/ Mike Crane

There is no part of Whistler that is hard on the eyes. Whistler Village is beautifully manicured with stone streets, creeks, waterfalls and bridges throughout. The Village stroll features shops and restaurants and beautifully accompanies the stunning natural surroundings.

Pristine Environment

With no industry or pollutants nearby, Whistler enjoys a pristine natural environment 365 days a year. The air, water and soil in Whistler are some of the purest and best in the world. The nature surrounding Whistler is diligently preserved and protected by all who work and play in the area. The people that call Whistler home are passionate about keeping Whistler in a pristine and untouched state, and Whistler is a leader in the world and an example of how tourism and the environmental protection can peacefully co-exist.

If you’ve never seen Whistler first-hand make sure to take some time and visit, what we consider to be, the most beautiful town in Canada (and probably the world!). There truly is no better place to be inspired by nature then in Whistler.





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