What You Need To Know About Healthcare In Whistler

No one plans on having an accident or getting sick when on vacation but naturally, it can happen. What’s more, with engaging in action sports, there is a higher than average risk of injury. What you can do is be well informed and well prepared for an emergency situation should one occur. There are many places in Whistler to seek medical help whether it be for a crash on the hill or an illness that needs immediate attention. The trouble can be navigating where to go. We’ve gathered up some information on healthcare in Whistler for those times that you need it most. 


Whistler is home to 3 pharmacies! There is one in the Nesters grocery store and two Rexall’s located in the village for your convenience. All these locations have over the counter medication but there may be differences in what is available due to the regulations that vary country to country.  If you have questions, the pharmacists can help you understand what you may need or the variances. Also, should you have a prescription from a doctor, they can fill it there too. 

Rexall in Market Place 


Rexall in the Village


Nesters Pharmacy


Medical Clinics

There are a number of doctors offices in Whistler located all around the village that take both locals and out of town patients. Furthermore, there are a few that accept walk-in patients. Many of the offices are familiar with travel insurance and can help you navigate what is needed to get coverage. 


Sometimes minor injuries occur on or off the hill and can hinder your ability to have a good time on your vacation. Should they not require medical attention, a physiotherapy can help you get back on track to enjoying yourself. The physiotherapists in Whistler see a number of elite athletes and are highly skilled. 

Back In Action Physiotherapy


Peak Performace


Lifemark Whistler Physiotherapy


Emergency Health Care Centre

A situation can occur that requires immediate medical attention. Whistler has an emergency healthcare center that can see patients at any time. Stitches, fractures, imaging, and triage are all able to be performed at this location. Should a more severe injury happen, transport to a local hospital will be carried out from here. 

Whistler Emergency Health Care Centre


Hiking, biking, and skiing all come with in inherent rick and you should be prepared. Informing yourself on the medical system in Canada and where the medical centers are located will benefit you or someone you know in an emergency. Whistler is home to world-class medical practitioners so no matter what, you will be in good hands.

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