A Guide To Whistler’s Wild Flowers


At a particular time of year, a great beauty “blooms” right before your eyes. From mid-July to early August, the mountainsides are taken over by wild flowers of all varieties. Reds, purples, whites, and yellows pop up everywhere, filling the alpine meadows with color. It’s easy to see this spectacular display – you just have to go for a hike! However, identifying the beautiful bouquets can be more of a challenge. To know where to go and what exactly you’re seeing, here is a quick guide to Whistler’s wild flowers.

Where To See The Wild Flowers

An alpine setting is best to see Whistler’s wild flowers. To view them, choose from one of the many hikes that are accessible from the Whistler Gondola. The High Note Trail is a 9.4 km loop that starts at the peak of Whistler Mountain, goes out around Symphony Bowl, Harmony Ridge and back to the Whistler Roundhouse. It provides unparalleled views of the iconic Black Tusk and Cheakamus Lake as well as fields of wild flowers. If you’re looking for a shorter route, check out the Harmony Lake Loop. It’s only 2.7 km and meanders alongside meadows filled with dainty daisies, wild roses, and so much more!

Identifying The Wild Flowers

Identifying the surrounding flora is a fun way to gain an up close appreciation for Nature’s work. To find out the names of what you’re looking at, a giant text book is not necessary. To start, pay attention to color, leaf shape, and flower shape.



Rosa acicularis

This native rose is actually Alberta’s national flower. It is also the most abundant rose species growing in the boreal forest of northern Canada and Alaska. If you would like to identify a Wild Rose, look for flowers are pink, almost never white, and petals are pear-shaped.




Species of Lupinus are used to make a variety of foods, both sweet and savoury, including everyday meals. To identify Lupin, look for flowers that are blue or purple and leaves are soft green to grey-green which may be coated in silvery hairs.



Leucanthemum × superbum

Shasta Daisies are cute, little flowers with the classic daisy appearance of white petals around a yellow disc. For this reason, it’s familiar appearance makes it a popular flower for bouquets.



Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is a plant that has flowers that are either white or pink and has been introduced as a feed for livestock in places around the world.

Take in Whistler’s wild flowers by going on a local hike. How many can you name with this quick guide? To make sure you have enough time to “stop and smell the roses”, book your accomodation through Whistler Reservations.


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