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Green Runs, Blue Runs, Black Runs But What Does it All Mean?

You've just taken the Peak Chair up to the very top of Whistler, but now you find yourself staring down at the various runs and wondering just how to get to the bottom. Green, blue and Black colors as well as symbols seem to be designating the runs as something but what does it all mean? We have deciphered the colors you see on the mountain and provided some of the best of each, so you can choose your challenge smartly!


Green runs are often symbolized with green circles and are the easiest runs on the mountain. These trails are typically wide with a slope gradient of less than 25 percent. There are many green runs on both Whistler and Blackcomb mountain that will allow you to experience the vast amount of terrain! 

Whistler Reservations Favourite Green Runs:

Burnt Stew Trail is located on Whistler Mountain. It starts just after the cat track that takes you to Harmony 6 Express and allows you to see all the spectacular views on the way down, including Black Tusk and the Inukshuk.

Green Line is located on Blackcomb. This fun run can be skied from the top of 7th Heaven Express to Rendezvous, where you can stop and have a bite to eat!


Blue runs can be shown by a blue triangle. These runs are intermediate and generally have a slope of anywhere between 25-40 percent. They’re the most popular runs due to their playful terrain and fun gradient. 

Whistler Reservations Favourite Blue Runs:

On Whistler, the T-Bar run is usually a powder pocket! Many people underestimate doing t-bar laps and that leaves it wide open for fresh turns on a fun slope. If you are feeling up for a challenge, there is a small band of rocks to skiers right that can help you prepare for black runs!

We love Blue Line on Blackcomb. This run is very popular to film on and it's easy to see why. There steeper rolls that mellow out, creating the perfect opportunity to master those turns while having fun!


Black runs come in two forms: black diamonds and double black diamonds. Black diamonds have steep gradients exceeding 40 percent and are considered difficult. Double black diamonds are the most difficult slope to ski and are considered to be for expert skiers only. You will most likely encounter rocks, trees, and cliffs on this difficulty of piste. 

Whistler Reservations Favourite Black Runs:

You have visit West Bowl on Whistler. This whole bowl is designated by black diamond and double black diamond runs. Be prepared for steep and deep the whole way down! 

Hike Spanky's Ladder for access into some double black diamond terrain on Blackcomb. A word of advice is to go with someone familiar with the terrain as there are a number of cliffs and it is not hard to get cliffed out. 

Now that you know the best runs of each difficulty and the color system, there should be nothing stopping you from experiencing the slopes! Want the chance to try out your new knowledge of Whistler? Book your winter vacation now!






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