Getting Around Whistler

Visiting a new place always comes with uncertainties and often, getting around is on that list. How far away is where I want to go? Is there public transportation available? Questions like these are frequently asked by travelers and Whistler is no exception. With a village spanning a few kilometers, many visitors are left concerned about moving from their accommodation to activities and of course, taking in the sights. It's worth remembering that the town is quite small and luckily there are many forms of transportation, making getting around Whistler as easy as 1,2,3!


Walk you say? Yes, Walk! Walking is a favorite mode of transportation in Whistler and just why? From Function Junction to Emerald, all of Whistler's neighborhoods are connected by paved trail and boardwalk called the Valley Trail. This equals over 40 km!

Local's Tip: This network of trail is a great way to get the lakes and many of the local hikes. 


Whistler has a reliable cab service that operates 24 hours a day and is just a phone call away. The cab drivers are all very knowledgeable of the town's streets and utilizing this service is a quick way to get from point A to point B. There are all sizes of vehicles available to even carry your ski gear. What's more, if you are on a budget, rest assured that using this service can still be very economical with a ride from Creekside to the village costing roughly $13. 

Local's Tip: Put a cab companies number in your phone or get a business card from the concierge desk. This may be handy if you find yourself in an unfamiliar place or need to get somewhere quick!


BC Transit has put in place a number of routes that connect Creekside, the village, and surrounding neighborhoods. This mode of transportation is very popular and used by many of the locals so don't be surprised if you see skis, snowboards, and bikes aboard! You can find a bus schedule online or at the many bus stops and you will find that many of the popular routes have buses running frequently. 

Local's Tip: If you are planning on using this service, purchase a set of passes from a local convenience store to save. 


There is an excellent & regular FREE village shuttle service. During the winter months, the service runs from the upper village to the Marketplace on a continuous loop. This is a great mode to use to get you to the hill faster, especially if you are in ski boots! Additionally, many hotels also offer their own shuttle service. This information can be found on the hotel's website. 

Local's Tip: The Whistler bus shuttle runs every 12 mins throughout the day and evening, making it a great way to get home from the hill or apres!

Getting around Whistler is made easy with all the available transportation options. If you have any questions about getting around town, to and from your accommodation or to various activities, speak to a Whistler local live at Whistler Reservations!