Fondue and Snowmobiling- A Truly Whistler Experience

Imagine traveling up Whistler mountain underneath a blanket of stars by snowmobile, all to enjoy a traditional fondue dinner. This taste of a mountain emprise is possible by participating in the Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Fondue Tour. Recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission as a Canadian Signature Experience, a stamp acknowledging a quality activity, this starlit dining venture is the epitome of Whistler and an activity that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Your 4-hour fondue experience starts in the village where you are taken by bus to the Canadian Wilderness Adventures base. Here, you will gear up and begin orientation. The base is warm and cozy; lit by a small fireplace in the center of the room that creates the feeling of being in a quaint cabin rather than the activity's headquarters. Guides will help you suit up in jackets, pants, goggles, gloves and helmets that ensure you will stay as warm as possible throughout the journey.

You're then directed outside for a quick lesson on how to drive a snowmobile. For those that may be intimidated, you can choose between driving solo or doubling with a partner.  Nevertheless, the snowmobile instruction is thorough, providing knowledge as well as comfort for even the inexperienced. To make sure everyone is competent, the first part of the ascent requires drivers to practice and then perform basic skills such as turning, stopping and side hilling.

Once the skills have been practiced, the real adventure begins. The stars fill the sky above you and below, you are greeted with the many village lights, illuminating the valley floor. You may even be provided with a sneak peak into Whistler Blackcomb's night time functions: Snowcats grooming the mountainside and snowmakers traveling up and down alongside you, adding to the wildness of the adventure.

The intensity of the drive up is just enough to keep the driver invested and the passenger feeling relaxed! There are also opportunities to switch places if both participants want a chance to take the reins. Before you know it, you will have arrived at the charming Crystal Hut.

As you enter, be sure to grab a cup of hot chocolate and then find your seat for the fondue. Shortly after entering, a server will greet you and offer a glass of wine. The fondue is set up before you arrive, allowing you to promptly indulge in both a traditional cheese fondue and a Fondue Chinoise. Vegetarian options are available. Live music will play in the background, while you enjoy light conversation with your surrounding adventurers. When you think you have eaten to your heart's content, you must find room for a delicious dessert, made up of fresh baked fruit pie and ice cream.

The warmth of dinner will set you up for re-entering into the mountain temperatures to begin the descent. This part of the trip goes much quicker now that you are experienced maneuvering the snowmobile. Take in the night sky and your wild surroundings one last time before you dip back into the Canadian headquarters and finish your trip.

Nothing says romance or provides a truly Whistler experience than a snowmobile trip up to an enchanting dining venue for a delicious fondue dinner. Ready to book your adventure? Head over to Whistler Reservations!