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Exploring the Mountains at Night

Want to experience Whistler’s mountains in a totally new way?

When the sun goes down, the mountains feel like a completely new place. Even if you think you know the mountains well, everything looks a lot different at night. Being up there after dark is an unbelievably cool experience that you have to try at least once.

There are a few different ways to explore the mountains at night. Here are a few of our favourites – night-vision goggles optional.

Snowmobile Under the Stars

Snowmobiling is always a good bet for those seeking a thrilling adventure, but snowmobiling at night adds a whole new level of excitement.

Guided by the light of your sled, you’ll hardly recognize Blackcomb Mountain – the same mountain you possibly skied on earlier that day – as you climb towards the Crystal Hut. You’ll probably have worked up a good appetite by the time you arrive – that’s where the fondue portion of the evening sets in. You’ll get to take in the darkness of the mountains once more on your descent back towards the valley.

Try a Twilight Zip Line

It’s hard to decide what’s scarier – knowing how high up you are in the air as you zip between mountains, or not knowing how high up you are as you zip between mountains!

Adrenaline will be high as you step off a platform into the abyss. You’ll feel a sense of relief when you start to see the twinkling lights at the other side of the line – but you’ll also find yourself wishing you could keep zipping forever. Luckily, the twilight zip line tours consist of several lines. The adventure will last well into the night.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane
Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Bungee in the Dark

Every so often, Whistler Bungee offers nighttime bungee jumps. We can let you know when the next one is expected to take place.

If regular bungee jumping doesn’t send your heart racing fast enough, we have a feeling that bungee jumping in the dark will do just the trick. You’ll be able to hear the river rushing down below, but you’ll have no idea where, exactly it is. Hold on tight and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Channel Your Night Cat

If exploring the mountains at night piques your interest, but you’d rather do so without zooming/zipping/plunging around, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Snowcat fondue tours.

Hop inside of the heated 19-passenger Snowcat, where you’ll have the luxury of taking in the views as you make your way up Blackcomb towards the Crystal Hut. A delectable meal awaits you, then you get to experience the Snowcat once again on your way down. Feel free to ask questions – your driver knows the ins and outs of the mountains, both by day and night.

The Whistler Sliding Centre

Make it a Camping Trip

Pack up your camping gear and head out into the Whistler backcountry to really spend a night under the stars. In the summer months, there are countless trails taking you through Garibaldi Provincial Park. Wedge Lake and Garibaldi Lake are two stunning options that combine a challenging hike with a rewarding view – check them out!





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