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7 Steps to Zip Lining in Whistler

Have you ever wanted to see Whistler from the sky?

We haven’t quite developed the technology to make humans fly just yet, but we’ve got the next best thing: zip lining. Picture yourself soaring between mountains—at 80 km/h, no less-- taking in the unbelievable views around you.

If that sounds like a good time to you—and really, how could it not—here’s what you need to do to make your Whistler zip lining dreams come true.

Step One: Sign Up

Zip lining is a year-round activity, but it is especially popular in the beautiful summer months, so be sure to book ahead. Upon registration, you’ll have to face your first big decision: which tour to pick.

The Bear Tour and Eagle Tour each offer five different zip lines, and are both a lot of fun. If you’re a little hesitant about the experience, opt for the beginner-friendly Bear Tour. If, on the other hand, you’re ready to go big, check out the Eagle Tour, which includes a zip line that’s a whopping 2,400 feet long! Of course, you can always opt for the Mammoth Tour, which covers all 10 lines. Decisions, decisions…

Step Two: Get Ready

The morning of your zip lining tour, get dressed in some comfortable clothes and closed-toed shoes. You’ll be doing a little exploring in the woods, so make sure your gear is suitable. You will have the opportunity to leave your wallet, phone, and other knick-knacks stowed safely behind prior to the tour.

Step Three: Show Up

You’ll be told where the meeting spot is when you sign up, so head over there (don’t be late!) to meet your friendly guides. When we say friendly, we mean it: the adventurous guides are part of the fun. They’ll debrief you on the equipment and safety protocols, and then you’ll be on your way!

Step Four Head Up

Depending on the tour you’ve chosen, you’ll start the climb the mountain either by gondola or by van. Take in the gorgeous views of the coastal temperate rainforest as you wind your way up, and listen closely to your guides: they’ll be offering some insightful comments about the views and the local ecology along the way.

Step Five: Take It All In

Towering trees, babbling streams, the occasional wildlife appearance—there’s a lot to take in as you wander through the zip line course. Your guide will point out some of the cool features along the way, offering some environmental commentary and fun facts about the surroundings. You’ll find yourself so distracted that you’ll almost be shocked when you find yourself standing on a wooden platform, ready to drop into the sky!

Step Six: Get Zipping!

One by one, your guides will send each member of your group soaring among the trees, over the river, and (seemingly) into the abyss before you. It’s an eerie feeling to take that first step off the platform, but your fear will instantly be replaced with a feeling of freedom like you’ve never experienced before.

Step Seven: Do It Again… and Again and Again!

As the tour carries on, you’ll become more and more comfortable zipping through the air. You might even welcome the challenge of zip lining upside down! Of course, no matter how many times you zip across, it’s never enough: the tour will end all too soon—but you’ll get to relive the experience (and hilarious expressions) with the professional photos taken along the course.

Ready to experience the magic of zip lining yourself? Then you’re ready for step one: click here to pick your tour and get started!

Whistler Ziptrek





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