5 Whistler Athletes That Will Inspire You

Whistler is filled with talented people, especially athletes. The terrain plays a big role in many athletes developing their skill sets and having a world class resort to prepare on doesn't hurt either. Since there are so many that have decided to make this mountain town their home, Olympians and other professional athletes commonly can be found sharing a chairlift on their way up to train or enjoy the abundant snowfall. We have gathered up 5 athletes that will inspire you to ski more and harder on your trip to Whistler!

Stan Rey

Stan has called Whistler his home since the age of 7. He started ski racing at an early age but quickly found love in big mountain skiing. You can find him in your favorite ski videos or the pages of magazines. Next time you're on Whistler Mountain, keep your eye on the famous cliff drop Air Jordan which Stan has been known to throw huge tricks off of. 

Julia Murray

Julia competed in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and is a well decorated Canadian national ski cross racer. She has since retired but can still be seen on the slopes and is very active in the skiing community. Be sure to look out for her superfood cereal business, Jules Fuel Whistler Superfood, that can be found in Purebread, Green Mustache and many other locations!

Suz Graham

Freestyle and big mountain skier as well as base jumper- It's no secret that Suz is an accomplished action sports athlete. More recently, she has been working on a TV series called Winging It which follows her and her partner as they train and fly wingsuits in some of the most beautiful places on earth. In between world travels, Suz still frequents the Whistler slopes.

Craig McMorris

Craig is a snowboarder and member of the Canadian national snowboard team in slopestyle. When he isn't stylishly executing massive jumps, Craig has worked as a commentator for CBC. He is the older brother to professional snowboarder Mark McMorris and both of them frequent the Whistler Blackcomb parks as well as the backcountry. 

Mercedes Nicoll

Another Olympian from Whistler, Mercedes is a halfpipe snowboard athlete who competed in the 2006 and 2010 Olympics. She is also a five-time Canadian National Champion. Mercedes works closely with Whistler Blackcomb and the community. As a result, you will find her out a number of events, in the media and probably catch her riding too!

Whistler's one-of-a-kind mountains have fostered many successful athletic careers and keep many of the athletes close. With so many utilizing all Whistler has to offer, don't be surprised if you ski, snowboard or share a chairlift with professional athletes. Inspired to ride like your heroes do? Book your trip to Whistler today!