5 Unconventional Whistler Activities You’ve Never Tried

Chris Cole/Allsport/Getty Images


Think you’ve experienced everything Whistler has to offer?

Think again.

Most visitors don’t know about these 5 exhilarating activities that you can try right here in Whistler. Check them out, and decide what you want to try next time you’re in town!

Cross-Country Snowboarding

Though cross-country skiing gets plenty of attention, its lesser-known cousin, cross-country snowboarding, is often overlooked by visitors. If you’ve already got or borrowed snowboarding gear, you’re ready to take on cross-country snowboarding. Watch this video to gain insight on the sport, and remember: never step out from your snowboard.


Ski Ballet

Have you ever watched an old-school ski movie and wondered what happened to ski ballet? The Whistler ski ballet community is small, but thriving. Whistler Blackcomb recently announced plans to incorporate ski ballet into ski school, so plan to register for a class next year and learn how to do the tricks in this video.


Sit-Down Paddle Boarding

If you’ve grown tired of stand up paddle boarding on Whistler’s lakes and rivers, you might want to try sit-down paddle boarding. This low-impact activity lets you enjoy the view from the water without putting in the blood and sweat – a perfect option for those tired from a day spent mountain biking. This video explains more about this up-and-coming activity.



Man-made golf courses are pretty good, but Mother Nature may be the best course designed of all. Tucked into the Coastal mountains are thousands of natural golf courses, just waiting for you to explore. Grab your clubs and hop aboard your own private helicopter, where you’ll be able to scout the holes from the sky. Your pilot will take you to the area’s best backcountry courses for an experience you’ll never forget.


If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to navigate around a group of slow walkers along the Village Stroll, then you have to check out zip-walking. For the month of April, a zipline will be set up from one end of the Village to the other. Hop on at one end, and fly through the Stroll in just a few seconds.


Enjoy Whistler’s newest activities… and happy April Fools’ Day!