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5 Things You’ll Only Get If You’ve Been To Whistler

Whistler is magical. There's the fact that it's surrounded by mountains, the pristine lakes, the activities and of course the vibrant nightlife. Here, we have scenery that’s designed to evoke emotions of marvel and excitement. With all this, it's no wonder that Whistler is a world-class resort that often bests over 2 million visitors per year. But even with all those people, some things still fly under the radar — and you have to be here to really get to know them. Here are just a few of the things you’ll only understand once you've been to Whistler. 

There's more than one lake to swim in

Many travel to Whistler without the slightest idea that there are 3 surrounding and easily accessible lakes. These lakes are perfect for all types of water sports, sunbathing, and we can't forget to mention, swimming. After visiting, you'll know how to get to them and also, how amazing a cool dip in their clear waters feels after a day of playing!

The term going "underground"

There are plenty of bars in Whistler and if you want to get really wild, nightclubs. The term "underground' refers to the fact that all of Whistler's nightclubs are located below street level. If you've partied in town, you'll recognize the heavy bass beckoning from below as you walk through the village. 

Après isn't just a winter term

The term après typically refers to a period following an activity. Generally, this period involves a patio, tasty drinks, and possibly something delicious to satisfy your hunger. As you can imagine, après bodes well with all the Whistler activities and not just skiing. In fact, we'd like to bet that once you've traveled here, you probably enjoyed après after zip lining, biking, and maybe even hiking!

The ‘locals’ are from somewhere other than British Columbia.

Whistler is a melting pot of people living and traveling from all over the world. Many of the locals are actually from other countries and this means that everybody you speak to will more than likely have a different accent. How many accents can you recognize after you've been to Whistler?

Bears are a common sight

Catching sight of these magnificent animals is incredible and not uncommon in the mountains. Although they are wild, they aren't scary, we swear! You'll probably see them waddling around in fields, maybe with a cub in tow,  and once you do, you're sure to see them as adorable. That being said, once you've been in town, you'll understand how hard the community has worked to live side by side with all of the local wildlife.





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