5 Reasons to Extend Your Whistler Weekend Trip

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler | Mike Crane


The only thing wrong with a weekend trip to Whistler is that it goes by too quickly.

One minute, you’re driving up the Sea to Sky highway, full of excitement and anticipation at the inevitably awesome weekend ahead. Before you know it, it’s Sunday afternoon and already time to think about heading home. It just doesn’t seem quite right.

That’s why extending your Whistler trip is always a good idea. Adding just one extra day to your weekend adventure means that you can pack in even more fun – and, best of all, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

So go ahead. Cash in that well-earned vacation day. Or play a little hooky – we won’t tell! Treat yourself to a three-day weekend to ensure that the fun keeps on going just a little longer.

Skip the Sunday Evening Traffic

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler | Mike Crane
Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler | Mike Crane

Have you ever experienced the pain of skipping Sunday après in order to try to beat the traffic on the car ride home? That’s just not right – you deserve that frosty cold drink and heaping plate of nachos!

Instead of spending your Sunday evening in the slow crawl of traffic snaking back to the city, spend it soaking in your hotel's hot tub. Or dancing in a pub, still wearing ski boots. Or enjoying a multi-course meal at one of Whistler’s finest restaurants. You get the picture – there are better places to be than stuck in traffic, so why not delay the ride home by a day?

Score a Great Hotel Deal

Many of Whistler’s best hotels offer incredible deals for those who stay three or more nights.

For example, the Pan Pacific Village Centre and the Pan Pacific Mountainside each offer 50% off on the third night when you book three nights. The Summit Lodge and Spa will treat you to 20% off your stay when you book for three nights.

pan pacific mountainside

Check out more sweet Whistler hotel deals here, and book that third day without guilt knowing that you’re saving some serious coin.

Experience Whistler Without the Crowds

There’s no question that the buzz of weekend crowds lends an exciting vibe to Whistler Village, but it’s also quite nice to experience Whistler when the chaos dies down a little during the week.

Lift lines are shorter. Restaurant reservations open up. The locals come out to play after a busy weekend at work.

Weekdays offer a decidedly different feel in Whistler, and staying a little longer lets you experience that side of town. If you only stay for the weekend, you're only seeing half of Whistler!

Have a Monday You Actually Enjoy

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler | Mike Crane
Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler | Mike Crane

Imagine waking up on Monday morning not to the sound of your alarm going off, but to the sweet serenade of an avalanche bomb announcing that it dumped 20 cm overnight. Picture springing out of bed not because you’re late to work, but because you can’t wait to play in the snow.

Wouldn’t in be fun to actually enjoy Mondays? Give Mondays a break by making it part of your Whistler getaway – and let Tuesday take a little flak for once.

Squeeze in an Extra Adventure

It’s truly impossible to fit everything in over a single weekend. There’s no way you can go skiing, enjoy après, go zip lining, sample Whistler’s restaurants, hit the nightclubs, try snowmobiling, go dog sledding, and try cross country skiing in only one weekend.

Okay, you’ll probably also have a tough time squeezing all that into only three days – but you’ll have a whole extra day to experience adventures that you’re just dying to try. And everything you don’t fit in? Well, that’s for next weekend!