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Why You Should Book Your Winter Vacation In Summer

It's really hard to think about winter when the sun is shining and the average daily temperature is above 25 degrees but take it from us, booking your winter vacation in summer is the best thing you could do. In addition to getting excited, awesome deals and guaranteeing availability, there are even more reasons the time is now! Here at Whistler Reservations, it's our job to help you plan the holiday of a life time and to make sure you're prepared. We’ve put together a list of why you should book winter in Whistler while it's still bikini season!

Guaranteed Availability

The winter season is a busy one for Whistler so to avoid disappointment, not have to compromise resorts, and get the exact dates you and your family are looking for, book in advance. If a date is convenient and ideal for you, chances are other people are thinking the same thing and the hotel and time frame could sell out. This is especially true over the Christmas holidays and March Break.

Deals With Hidden Perks

Booking early often means access to unbeatable deals with hidden perks and Whistler is no exception. If you book your next winter vacation in Whistler before August 31st, you can save up to 45%! What's more, kids ski, rental equipment and airport transfer are FREE on many properties. (Conditions apply). Already, many key dates are selling out fast.

Organizing Is Easier

Once you have booked your vacation, let the planning commence! Having a date in the future helps establish a timeline, book activities at your own pace and research if necessary. Having a set time frame that you will be away can also make organizing your work schedule and pet care prior to leaving. 

Peace Of Mind

It's this simple: The earlier you book, the better you’ll feel. Knowing that everything is booked can help you sit back and enjoy the planning process and eventually your vacation. Knowing the trip is taken care of also leaves you and your family more time to build your itinerary and plan fun excursions! So with all this said, don’t waste another second to plan that next getaway to the mountains. 

Let The Countdown Begin

When winter does arrive and the snow is falling, you can sit back, watch your friends and family scramble to get away to ski, book last minute accommodations at higher prices, and not get any deals in the process...all the while knowing that planning ahead saved you a lot of hassle!

If you book your winter vacation while it's hot and sunny, you can still enjoy what's left of the summer season and dream of your snowy getaway. Ready to book your vacation early? Contact Whistler Reservations today!





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