Whistler Sleigh Ride

The Whistler Sleigh Ride is an extraordinary combination of nature and human history,creating the glorious dream that is Whistler – wild, beautiful, and unforgettable. In the world’s imagination, this is Canada. Today’s visitors can relive the experience of the original visitors. A Whistler sleigh ride offers a soul-cleansing sense of peacefulness as you breathe the fragrant air, gaze at the mountain panoramas, and enjoy your romantic adventure.

Snuggle up with your loved ones and feel the magic of Whistler’s winter wonderland. Tuck yourselves under a warm, cozy blanket and enjoy the sights in true winter style. A horse drawn sleigh ride is a great winter activity of all age groups. The “Olde-fashioned bob-sleighs” glide smoothly across the snow, and are designed for comfort with padded seats, canopies and warm blankets.

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Enjoy an unforgettable experience, hearing only the sound of jingle bells while the sleigh is pulled by Percheron draft horses. These gentle giants, who are strong and friendly, enjoy having their picture taken and getting a pat. Your sleigh driver’s will answer any questions you may have about Whistler or the horses. Private tours available too (for those wanting to “pop the question” to a loved one perhaps? Wink, Wink.) Book your Whistler Sleigh ride tours in advance as they do sell out in holiday periods! 

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All tours are snow and weather dependent at the start of the season and in the month of March.