Scandinave Spa Whistler

 Experience an authentic Scandinavian Spa in Whistler! Situated just a few minutes North of Whistler Village, the Scandinavian Spa invites you to rejuvenate after a long hike or day on the slopes at its 20,000 sq ft outdoor spa. Retreat to this Nordic-inspired oasis of calm; engulfed in a peaceful spruce and cedar forest, with breathtaking views of incredible mountain vistas.

Exhilarate in the unique sensation of moving between the hot, cold and relaxation areas. Allow a few hours to go through the cycle to soothe tired muscles, eliminate toxins and improve circulation. Invigorate your mind and body with a body-warming bath; in addition to cleansing the body and stimulating circulation, the baths release of endorphins (which makes for many happy and healthy Whistler visitors and locals alike). Heat up in the Eucalyptus steam bath, hot baths or wood-burning Finnish sauna and then cool down in the Nordic waterfalls, cold plunges or showers. Relax in the outdoor hammocks and lounge in the solarium to unwind completely or indulge in a soothing Swedish, deep-tissue, hot stone or Thai Yoga massage. After your day, rehydrate and refuel with a light snack or smoothie from the Health Bar! We don’t think we have to do anymore convincing. So, make a point to reconnect and relax your body and mind while in Whistler.

The Scandinavian Spa Whistler prides itself on being eco-friendly and providing green and sustainable energy alternatives. Committed to working with local suppliers, the spa Health Bar serves locally made Namasthe herbal tea and is catered by Whistler’s healthy food lovers, Ciao-Thyme Bistro. This partnership ensures that Spa guests receive the highest quality of service while supporting the local community.

Scandinave Spa- Reopening 4th July. » Prices from $85 per person- 1st come, first served basis

  • adults 19+ years only.
  • Location: 2 minute drive from Whistler village


An Age Old Finnish Tradition

 Whether you call them Onsen, Hamman, Hot Springs or Finnish Sauna, the use of baths as a mode of relaxation is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years. For Finnish people, the sauna is a place to be at ease with family and friends in search of physical and mental relaxation. The use of water as a way to relax and as a source of wellbeing is a European tradition best known today as “hydrotherapy.”

Norwegian Steam Baths

A Norwegian steam bath is a room where hot steam is released into the air to induce the body to perspire in order to start the detoxification process. An important starting point in the full bathing experience, this step promotes deep tissue relaxation and deep cleansing on the entire body.  The Norwegian steam baths are usually followed by an immersion in cold water to release the body’s toxins.

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is a heated room, typically warmed to between 60 and 100 degrees Celsius. Water and Eucalyptus oil is poured onto hot stones in the room to produce steam, which increases the sauna’s moisture and heat levels. The heat of the sauna envelops the body and has a relaxing effect on muscles. The Finnish sauna is followed by an immersion in cold water to release the body’s toxins.

Hot Baths

Hot Baths are a great way to relax while promoting the detoxification process. They raise the body’s core temperature, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure, draw contaminants out through the skin’s pores, and offer many other benefits. Thermal waterfalls in the hot bath environment help to release tensions in the muscles when you stand beneath them. The Finnish sauna is followed by an immersion in cold water to release the body’s toxins.

Refreshing Stations

There are several choices to refresh the body including showers, cool baths and Nordic waterfalls. Visit the cooling stations directly after you leave one of the warming stations and help your body flush out toxins, promote circulation and relax. Finally, indulge in a 10-15 minute rest in one of our relaxing rooms and your detoxification and relaxation process is complete.

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