It’s A Dog’s Life In Whistler

Whistler isn’t just the best place on earth for people, it can be a dog’s version of heaven too. Think about it, endless places to play, people to sniff, wildlife to chase and activities that they can do with the human they love. Why would a dog not want to come to Whistler? To make […]

Photos You Have To Take While In Whistler

Make memories and keep them forever by snapping a few photos along the way. Now, we don’t want to sound cliche, but you may be overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding you when you’re in Whistler. Instead of spending your time taking in the forests, streams, and mountains from behind the lens, there are a number of […]

Visiting Whistler With A Baby

Travel may be the last thing on your mind when adjusting to motherhood and many feel that even a grocery store outing can be hard to manage. But taking an enjoyable vacation with your baby is possible and Whistler is a great place for every member family, no matter what age. Planning on visiting the […]

4 Reasons Whistler Is The Place To Get Engaged

Love is in the air- the mountain air that is! There is no denying that there is a certain romance associated with being in the mountains. The infinite views, lively atmosphere, and memorable adventures all deserve to be shared with someone. And it’s quite possible that special someone could be who you want to spend […]

Green Runs, Blue Runs, Black Runs But What Does it All Mean?

You’ve just taken the Peak Chair up to the very top of Whistler, but now you find yourself staring down at the various runs and wondering just how to get to the bottom. Green, blue and Black colors as well as symbols seem to be designating the runs as something but what does it all […]

ZipTrek: Soar through Whistler’s Forests

Believe it or not, there are a number of activities in Whistler that take you off the ground and into the sky! ZipTrek Whistler has a number of ziplines that do just that and we set out to experience their Eagle Tour. This tour features five different ziplines, including a 2400 ft one! So join us […]

Eating Vegan And Vegetarian in Whistler

Traveling and having a dietary preference or restriction can be a nightmare! Many vacationers find themselves constantly repeating “Do you have a vegetarian or vegan option,” and often to no avail! It used to be that this request was considered uncommon, but current times have seen a growing trend in menus offering something for everyone, […]

Getting Around Whistler

Visiting a new place always comes with uncertainties and often, getting around is on that list. How far away is where I want to go? Is there public transportation available? Questions like these are frequently asked by travelers and Whistler is no exception. With a village spanning a few kilometers, many visitors are left concerned […]

Whistler: What To Expect In 2017

“And now we welcome in the New Year. Full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke A fresh new year is once again upon us and 2017 is already shaping up to be memorable for Whistler. There were a number of changes that occurred in 2016, for instance, the purchase of Whistler […]

New Years in Whistler

10, 9, 8, 7…Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight? Whistler truly knows how to do the holidays and New Year’s Eve is no exception. In fact, there may not be a better place to begin a new year than here! From spending it with family to dancing the night away to savoring delicious […]

Fondue and Snowmobiling- A Truly Whistler Experience

Imagine traveling up Whistler mountain underneath a blanket of stars by snowmobile, all to enjoy a traditional fondue dinner. This taste of a mountain emprise is possible by participating in the Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Fondue Tour. Recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission as a Canadian Signature Experience, a stamp acknowledging a quality activity, this […]

Whistler’s Yoga Community

Namaste! Whistler has a bubbling yoga scene that encompasses its very own culture, influenced by the surrounding mountains and active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to maintain your practice while on holiday or needing a stretch after back-to-back days on the slopes, there is a unique yoga class awaiting you. Regardless of age, fitness level and […]

Powder Day Commandments

A powder day- the holy grail of conditions. The euphoria experienced when shredding through fluffy powder is nothing short of heavenly and for many, it is behind some of the most epic days in their existence. With Whistler’s recent 48cms in 24 hours, the beginning of the season has seen its fair share of fresh […]

Where to Relax in Whistler

A typical vacation usually includes some form of relaxing but when one thinks of traveling to Whistler, images of skiing, snowboarding, and all the other outdoor activities come to mind- a far cry from the resting often associated with a holiday. It’s true that you can fill your days with being outside in the mountains but […]

7 Facts About The Whistler Film Festival

Lights, camera action! The Whistler Film Festival kicks off this month, taking place from November 30th  to December 4th. The festival welcomes filmers, actors, and fans to experience a unique combination of cinematography and related events in the mountains. The work of established filmmakers and fresh new talent make up the bulk of the festival but […]

Halloween in Whistler

Once a year, Whistler trades in its mountain attire for that of ghosts, zombies, witches and pretty much anything else that could possibly be imagined. In true Whistler fashion, Halloween is celebrated to the utmost extreme. Taking place over a whole weekend, everything from parties at night clubs to haunted houses take over the village and […]

A Perfect Fall Day in Whistler

Fall in Whistler is a season to not miss. The mountain side changes hues, the village hushes and the air becomes noticeably crisper. Once these few changes take place, it’s safe to say that autumn has reached the valley and this year, it’s just in time- September 22nd marks the first official day of fall! […]

Whistler’s Landmarks

When scrolling through Instagram, it’s not hard to tell the photos of Whistler apart from other mountainous towns. As a matter of fact, since it officially became British Columbia’s first Resort Municipality in 1975, Whistler has been collecting or rather becoming known for its historical landmarks. People travel from all over the world to document themselves in front of […]

Whistler’s Train Wreck Trail

Located deep in the forest, scattered around the Cheakamus river, is the remnants of an old train wreck. Over the years, the 7 box cars, dating back to the 1950’s, have been made into pieces of art by locals and passer by’s alike. This unofficial stop of interest was at one point, only accessible by taking […]

5 Reasons Why Crankworx Is Awesome

Crankworx, the festival of the summer season is upon us and everything bike related will be taking over Whistler. It’s no doubt one of the highlights because of all the events, energy and endless activities that it brings. Aside from the obvious, there are some real perks of Crankworx that may go unnoticed. We’ve gathered […]