What To Expect On A Bear Viewing Tour


Lion and tigers aren’t found in Whistler but bears are! And there are plenty of them. Over 60 to be exact. The bears that inhabit Whistler have been studied for over two decades and viewing them is available to the public through one of our many viewing tours. A viewing tour includes a comfortable ride […]

Bear Watching In Whistler

When you come to Whistler, wether it’s at a coffee shop or out on an adventure, you are sure to encounter some of the locals. Many hail from all over the world and have come to the mountains in search of snow or dirt; But there are some locals that have been here longer than any […]

What Visitors to Whistler Need To Know About Bears


One of the most common things people want to see when they come to Whistler is a bear. These cute and coveted creatures are iconic in Whistler and a photo of, or an encounter with a bear is on many people’s bucket list. Seeing a bear in Whistler certainly isn’t a rarity. Ask any local […]

Whistler Black Bears Are Waking Up!

Whistler Black Bears

It’s time to get bear aware!   Yep, it’s that time of year again. The snow is going (even though some days it’s still coming too) and the skunk cabbage is starting to poke through, so spring is definitely on its way. And what happens when spring comes? When the weather warms? Well in Whistler, […]