Experience the future of mountain biking on this unique electric bike rentals tour in the Callaghan Valley. Electric mountain bikes offer just as much fun going up, as coming down. The latest electric mountain bikes take advantage of advances in technology to boost your bike skills so you can enjoy more trail without the strain. With a fleet of 500 watt, full suspension, high-performance GIANT e-bikes.  Featuring an electrical assist system that seamlessly boosts your pedalling power to push your biking to new terrain.

With three levels of electric assistance to suit a variety of fitness levels, you will still need to pedal but the bike provides a boost which makes it that much easier to enjoy this thrilling wilderness journey. We have a handy Blog on Bike Friendly Hotels here in Whistler.

Electric assist mountain bikes offer just a much fun going up, as coming down. Learn the basics of riding a full suspension e-bike on a guided tour. Tours are aimed towards the recreational cyclist with a sense of adventure.

Learn the basics of riding a full suspension electric mountain bike as a guide takes you through old-growth forest amongst Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ double track trail network. Cruise side by side on a trail leading you to the spectacular Alexander falls. Enjoy a refreshing break at the falls, and a few guide tips before the descent back to base camp.

Whistler Electric Bike Rentals

Electric Bike Tours » $139 per person

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Callaghan Valley