Biking With Your Kids

Sharing your passion for mountain biking with your children can be a wonderful experience. If they end up loving the sport just as much as you do, then you’re all set for family adventures that will take place on the trails. Regardless of your child’s love for biking, there can be some differences in skill level, […]

Celebrate Canada Day In Whistler

This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday. To celebrate this extra-special occasion, many events are being held all over the country and Whistler is no exception. Surrounded by the mountains, you won’t find a more perfect location to party! From parades to spectacular dinners, there are plenty of ways to show your Canadian pride that will be taking […]

Spend Your School Summer Holidays In Whistler

The anticipation of summer vacation begins on the first day of school but it doesn’t stop there. As the month of June comes to a close, sunny days, no worries and fun-filled outdoor activities dance in school children’s heads. And it just so happens, Whistler is the stuff dreams are made of with everything there […]

What To Pack For A Whistler Hike

The snowline is creeping in the upward direction which means that hiking trails all over Whistler are becoming accessible. It is common to think that since many of the trails are located conveniently close to town, there is not a need pack much more than a water bottle and maybe a light snack for your […]

How To See The Aurora Borealis In Whistler

Did you know that when the conditions are just right, you can see the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) in Whistler? Seeing this natural phenomenon is something many want to experience in their lifetime. The green and purple hues that blaze across the sky demonstrate the wonder of nature and create a […]

Your Guide To Bike Trails In Whistler

Mountain Bikes

Whistler is just as much for two wheels as it is for a set of skis. This mountain town is virtually surrounded by bike trails and we aren’t even including the Whistler Bike Park. Unfortunately, as soon as you are out of the bike park, you are looking at utilizing your human power to pedal to […]

The Magic Of May Long Weekend

Photo: Clint Trahan Once upon a time, May was known as the shoulder season in Whistler. The village would become quiet, the ski hill barren and many travelers would save visiting for more lively times.  Gone are those days. Now, the much-anticipated Canadian long weekend holds a festival and many other exciting events, making it one of […]

Your Phone And Whistler

There is a lot to be said about putting your phone down and enjoying what’s happening around you, especially when you are surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. But then there is the case for your phone having the ability to enhance your Whistler experience. Taking pictures, using a map and even finding out which […]

What To Pack For Springtime In Whistler

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s just the season! The frequent indecisiveness of Mother Nature can lead to a packing nightmare if you are planning on traveling during the spring months. What’s more, if you are planning on visiting Whistler, you have to accommodate for all the activities and the nightlife that you are going to be […]

Forged Axe Throwing

There’s a new activity in town that you can add to your list of things to do in Whistler and it’s about as Canadian as it gets! Forged Axe is located in Function Junction and is Whistler’s only indoor axe throwing venue.  The sport (Yes, it’s a sport!) of Axe throwing has been around since prehistoric […]

Your Guide to Easter In Whistler

Easter in Whistler

Just like all the holidays in Whistler, Easter is celebrated in a variety of ways and over a number of days! From sporting events to the classic Easter Egg hunt to Sunday brunch- there are a ton of activities for the whole family to enjoy over the Easter holiday! We’ve gathered up all the holiday events […]

5 Whistler Athletes That Will Inspire You

Whistler is filled with talented people, especially athletes. The terrain plays a big role in many athletes developing their skill sets and having a world class resort to prepare on doesn’t hurt either. Since there are so many that have decided to make this mountain town their home, Olympians and other professional athletes commonly can […]

Most Extreme Ski Runs In Whistler Blackcomb

Double Black Diamonds. For some, they are a sign that immediately instills fear but for others, they evoke squeals of excitement. If you are part of the second group, you are probably aware that Whistler Blackcomb is filled to the brim with challenging terrain for advanced and expert level skiers. To be precise, out of the […]

4 Ways To Experience First Nations Culture

Long before Whistler was a resort town, it’s land was utilized by the Coast Salish people, specifically by the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations. From the drive along the Sea to Sky Corridor to artwork throughout the town, you will see that their history is prominent. By showcasing First Nations heritage across the Sea to […]

Your Spring Break In Whistler Itinerary

Spring Break has arrived and Whistler is the perfect place to spend it! With March having more days with snowfall than without, warmer temperatures and those couple extra hours of daylight, it’s no wonder many people find themselves spending their holiday in the mountains. But what if other commitments and engagements are putting a damper […]

It’s A Dog’s Life In Whistler

Whistler isn’t just the best place on earth for people, it can be a dog’s version of heaven too. Think about it, endless places to play, people to sniff, wildlife to chase and activities that they can do with the human they love. Why would a dog not want to come to Whistler? To make […]

Photos You Have To Take While In Whistler

Make memories and keep them forever by snapping a few photos along the way. Now, we don’t want to sound cliche, but you may be overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding you when you’re in Whistler. Instead of spending your time taking in the forests, streams, and mountains from behind the lens, there are a number of […]

Visiting Whistler With A Baby

Travel may be the last thing on your mind when adjusting to motherhood and many feel that even a grocery store outing can be hard to manage. But taking an enjoyable vacation with your baby is possible and Whistler is a great place for every member family, no matter what age. Planning on visiting the […]

4 Reasons Whistler Is The Place To Get Engaged

Love is in the air- the mountain air that is! There is no denying that there is a certain romance associated with being in the mountains. The infinite views, lively atmosphere, and memorable adventures all deserve to be shared with someone. And it’s quite possible that special someone could be who you want to spend […]

Green Runs, Blue Runs, Black Runs But What Does it All Mean?

You’ve just taken the Peak Chair up to the very top of Whistler, but now you find yourself staring down at the various runs and wondering just how to get to the bottom. Green, blue and Black colors as well as symbols seem to be designating the runs as something but what does it all […]

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