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Whistler Hiking Sightseeing

Experiences Are Better Than Things: Here’s Why

When it comes to treating yourself, are you a “things” person or an “experience” person?

We definitely fall in the second category: we believe that experiences are way more awesome than any physical thing you could ever buy.

We might be a little biased, given that Whistler Reservations offers some of the most unique experiences out there, but we can back up our opinion. Here's why we think experiences trump everything else!

Experiences Are One of a Kind

Have you ever treated yourself to a new piece of clothing, only to have that new-and-shiny feeling wear off as soon as you saw someone else wearing the same thing? Or maybe you remember birthday parties as a kid where three different people bought the guest of honour the same CD.


You won’t encounter that problem with experiences: that’s because no two experiences are alike. The setting, the activity, the weather, the people that you’re with all contribute to a totally unique experience. For instance, you could bungee jump in the summer with your best friend and in the winter with your significant other, and create completely different memories each time.

Experiences Last Forever

Some might argue that a physical object lasts a lot longer than an experience, which is “done” as soon as the activity wraps up.

We disagree.

Clothes tear. Cars break down. Trends die out. Toys break.

But memories last forever. Sure, the experience itself will wrap up at some point, but the feelings you felt while, say, zip lining over a rushing river will be with you for as long as you live.

whistler ziptrek

Let's just say you'll never misplace that time you went ATVing, or you won't accidentally leave your whitewater rafting trip behind in a cab.

Experiences Can Be Shared

Can you share your brand new camera? Sure, but if you loan it out to your friend, you no longer have it to enjoy for yourself.

Whistler Hiking Sightseeing

Not so with experiences: the best ones are meant to be shared. Spending a day hiking with a loved one will bring you closer together. Years later, you’ll laugh together as you recount a mishap that happened along the way. From our observations, things isolate people, while experiences bring them together.

Experiences Shape Who You Are

The events you go through in life play a significant role in the person that you are. We often hear stories of people who try skiing and snowboarding and gain a whole new appreciation for nature and the environment. More than a few people have had epic moments of clarity starting on top of a mountain. You’ll also find out that you’re a lot tougher than you thought you were after you conquer a challenging slope or nail a new trick in the park.



Whether you’re looking to treat a loved one or indulge yourself, think experiences over tangible goods. The places you’ll see, the people you’ll meet, and the challenges you’ll overcome along the way will have a far greater impact on your life than any material object you could ever buy. In our opinion, that’s what makes experiences such a great investment!





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